Test of crossposter plus Egypt news

I will be conducting a few tests this weekend of techniques to maintain both WordPress and LiveJournal. The current scheme requires that I manually go “clean up” after each posting, which means I can no longer schedule posts.

But I’ll include one interesting article, at least:

Egyptian President al-Sisi made news this month calling for Islam to reform itself, and get rid of its harmful interpretations that feed Shariah law. This is a noble idea, through almost no one in the Islamic world thinks this is a good idea. Moreover, al-Sisi’s own country has serious problems in this area.

==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • The Young Earth Creationist movement appears to have been propelled to prominence as a backlash against Darwin’s visibility, particularly after the Huxley debate. It is a pity, I think, as they are falling into exactly the trap Augustine warned about.

    Incidentally, you’ll find the comment area much richer on the LiveJournal version of the post; you’re welcome to join in.

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Scout

    You did a very nice piece of work here, Keith. I am impressed.

    I mentioned on Tom’s site, Keith, that I had the unique experience of visiting the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky last summer. It is quite a high-end production with magnificent dioramas, a kind of I-Max -like introductory film and room after room of exhibits on New Earth theory (the earth -and presumably all of creation – are about 6000 years old, they say). I left with one major question: Why? Why is it so important to people to push this story? Adam & Eve & vegetarian Tyrannosauri (not to mention vegetarian Grizzly Bears) in the Garden of Eden. Why?