Sharia versus Human Rights

Where Muslims have enough population, but not complete control, they push for Shariah law to apply, at first, to Muslims only. Much of Europe and Canada are moving in this direction with some success on the part of Muslims, and it is being pushed in the US as well.

This video reports on one of the countries that does not show up on that map posted yesterday: Great Britain. As with the rest of Europe, the increasingly Muslim population is correlating with increasing harassment and persecution of ex-Muslims:

There are also horror stories from countries around the world, not in the control of Islam, where such punishment is meted out or attempted and too often with the seeming cooperation or at least blind eye of local authorities.

The Pledge

In the United States, a group of former Muslims sent a “Muslim Pledge for Religious Freedom and Safety from Harm for Former Muslims” to about 360 Muslim leaders, mostly in the US and some acting as advisers to government agencies. They were asked to sign the pledge, indicating that they opposed punishment and persecution of those who have left Islam. Only two did so. The pledge notes the Islamic scholarship demanding the death of apostates, and asks these folks to commit to non-violence instead.

Now, it may be that the other Muslim leaders who refused to sign were all in fear for their reputations, or even their lives. But does that make it better?

==============/ Keith DeHavelle