A few days ago, I was privileged to attend (and bring a couple of family members to) a pre-screening of the film Predestination. It is a movie based upon a short story  by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, about whom I have written a great deal. I am a member of both the Heinlein Society and an Advocate for the Space Frontier Foundation, and actually got invitations both ways. The Landmark Theater in Los Angeles was a nice venue for this.

Afterwards, the directors (Michael and Peter Spierig) and two of the stars (Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook) entertained questions and a very pleasant philosophical discussion.

On the film itself: Recommended. It is perhaps a Memento for the 21st century. Though time travel is common enough in SF films and stories going back more than a century, this one honors Heinlein’s work and expands upon it in a way I think he’d approve.

I have seen the typical action/fantasy/comic strip fare that seems to make up much of current movie doings; this one is more intelligent. Being somewhat notorious for my spreadsheet work, I mused afterward about the sort of graph that would be appropriate to accurately portray the film. The directors worked hard to get it right (and even discussed making their own graphs), and the two main characters faced some pretty unique challenges, including nine hours of makeup in one day for Ms. Snook, just to get a couple of seconds of key footage.

==============/ Keith DeHavelle