Magical Islam

President Obama has famously declared that the Islamic State is not Islamic. Andrew Klavan had some fun with this. The Obama administration is going to extraordinary lengths to assert that Islamic terrorism (they will not use that phrase) has “nothing to do with Islam” (a phrase Obama and company use frequently).

I was struck by an aspect of this “nothing to do with Islam” assertion. Since approximately half of the world’s Muslims are in favor of implementing Shari’ah law (or support the Shari’ah law they already live under), and since one aspect of Shari’ah law demands punishment for insulting the Prophet Muhammad (including any drawing of him, not just satire), you have to wonder: Exactly when do these jihadists leave the Muslim faith?

Do you suppose that they are good Allah-fearing Muslims outraged at “blasphemy” like a hundred million others, but as the knife starts to come down, they instantly lose all connection to Islam?

How about a slow-motion replay of that moment? Do we see any difference in appearance as the jihadist suddenly becomes “anybody, could be a Baptist” in mid-stroke? Did the Paris jihadists working as part of the Muslim Brotherhood franchise get de-Islamified as they set out that morning, as they busted into the offices, or only when their fingers squeezed the triggers on defenseless Parisians?

Muslim Brotherhood logo


This instant departure of Islam must make it truly magical indeed. Up until that moment, they were part of the “All-Conquering Faith.” In the minds of these jihadists, they were the most devout of Muslims, following the Qur’an and al Hadith in the strictest sense as taught to more than a hundred million people every week in mosques and through broadcasts and podcasts.

The jihadists considered themselves privileged to help Islam conquer the evil West and eliminate all insults to Muhammad, and they considered the Muslims around them (who were not so inclined to revenge the Prophet) to be lesser Muslims themselves marked for death at some point.

So they would be nonplussed to be reanimated and told that the President of the United States is not sure what religion that they even follow, except that he knows for certain that it was “nothing to do with Islam.”

==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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