Israel and MLK

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It is interesting to me that so many on the Left are hostile to the nation of Israel, and willing to line up on the side of Palestinian terrorists. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, his thoughts on Israel are significant:


“Peace for Israel means security and we must stand with all of our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity.”

I have to agree. These days, we are forgetting to protect our own territorial integrity … and our own Constitutional system. And once again we are focusing on race, to divide us, rather than the character traits we should strive for.

==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Here’s the problem. You — and your sources — ore trying to portray this issue as merely one of “how many died on this side versus that side.” I understand, I believe, why you’re doing so; it’s all the terrorists have got going for them.

    To me, this is exactly analogous to saying that the criminals are the real good guys because more of them die than cops in shootouts between them.

    Every time the prospect for peace looms, the jihadists crank up more attacks to derail the process. They don’t want peace, they want to kill everyone who doesn’t believe as they do. Jews, Christians, non-theists like me (often most of all!) and Muslims who don’t exactly agree with their flavor of “kill all the Jews and force Shariah law!”

    But why? Why do the jihadists hate so much? The schools in Gaza and the West Bank are illustrative; they are teaching children from very young ages that to kill Jews must be their highest aspiration. This constant drumbeat of hate pervades their education There is nothing like this in Israeli schools.

    And the Palestinians are being held hostage by their Arab neighbors, Jordan and so on, who are using and fueling that hatred by keeping them in refugee camps. It cynically suits the purposes of other regimes there.

    As a counterpoint, Israel and the west provide tremendous donations of food, water, power, and cold cash to the Palestinians — they receive more charity per capita than any other people on the face of the Earth.

    When Israel forced their own people out of Gaza and handed it over, the Palestinians destroyed their own gifted infrastructure simply because it was built by the hated Jews. And they broke the treaty that gave them Gaza within hours, by launching rockets. Eventually, the blockage was set up to deal with this.

    If, at some point, the Palestinians decide that they don’t have to kill all the Jews to be happy, peace would come about in days, and those people would have their own prosperous country very quickly to the rest of the world’s relief (including Israel). But the Palestinians don’t want that, as they make deadly clear from their statements, their charter, and their actions every day.

    You’re on their side, and I believe you have been duped. If you haven’t, if you know these things but support the jihadists anyway, then obviously I am not going to change your mind.

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • I generally respect your views and analysis on things . You seem to have some appreciation for the libertarian philosophy of individual freedom and responsibility . I am quite surprised by your ardent support for zionism — very clearly a segregationist supremacist philosophy .

    The thousands dead and billions of dollars of destruction I cite are known to the entire globe , and will almost surely come into evidence in ICC proceedings which are appearing quite likely to proceed . Allison Weir , , has rather thorough historical statistics .

    I’m not sure what “falsehoods” you claim are on my site . The “Before the First Semicolon” page is about the only place I can think of where I comment on theocracy .

    The 4th.CoSy language work is either correct or bombs . It’s not subject to human evaluation of truth versus falsehood . BTW , the lead author of the Reva Forth my work is built on moved from Seattle to Ma’ale Adumim some years ago. He knows my views on zionism . We stick to technical issues in our exchanges .

    If you find my classic temperature physics is false , please present the correct equations .

  • Yes, yes. Israel is just as bad as jihadists, Jews secretly run the world, Hamas was attacked without any provocation at all, Hamas wasn’t intentionally forcing their own civilians to be human shields and political pawns, and the Holocaust never happened.

    Quite a website you have, for being full of and linking to utter falsehoods. I imagine you truly believe it, but I don’t know of that’s better or worse.

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • “a people who merely wish to be left alone”
    This is a joke , right ?

    While the slaughter of 132 school children by islamic extremists in pakistan horrified the world recently , just a few months prior zionist extremists slaughtered 4 times that many , in the process of flattening 140 schools — including ones the UN had given them GPS coordinates for as designated shelters — just a small fraction of the > $4 billion destroyed housing and infrastructure , and once again , as the do every few years , using their term “mowing the grass” , a total of over 2000 , at least 1600 of whom were women and children , ( These numbers , btw , are approximately those presented by israeli born Josh Ruebner . )

    ISIS is horrendous , but will take a number of years for them to approach the destruction and death the zionists have wrought over the 6 decades since the zionist theocracy was imposed on the region by Truman and the global UN government and began ethnically cleansing it .

    I lived in NYC for over 2 decades . There were tons of jews . They were safer there than in israel and were left alone as they wanted to be — whether in their self-chosen ghettos like Crown Heights and Monsey , or in the greater mosh pit of the city .

    And extreme zionists , eg , Soviet born Avigdor Lieberman , their foreign minister , are just as gung ho for slaughtering “arabs” as vice versa , but generally far more efficient using the highest tek on the planet . Arms is one of their major industries — as it was in South Africa . Trying to maintain a segregated state in the 21st century requires a good offense .

    Here’s a fairly recent description of life for israelis who are not among the “chosen” .

    Theocracies suck . All of them . And lead to continual blood baths . That was the experience of europe the wisdom of very first consideration of our Bill of Rights has been remarkably successful in preventing on this continent .

  • Could it be that a people who merely wish to be left alone are morally equivalent in your mind to a people that have sworn to destroy every Jew and subjugate the entire world at the edge of a sword?

    And I wonder if you had this same sort of objection when the Muslim Brotherhood was running Egypt and we were sending them billions of dollars as well as military hardware.

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle