Kagan and Arms

It seems that US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan might become a Second Amendment supporter. In a recent interview in People Magazine, she describes a surprising relationship with conservative Antonin Scalia:

Kagan, an Ivy League-educated N.Y.C. native who is considered a reliably liberal vote on the court, also revealed how she and conservative Justice Antonin Scalia became the most unlikely of hunting buddies.

During her confirmation process, so many senators trying to discern her position on the Second Amendment would ask, “Do you hunt?” that Kagan finally promised one senator from Idaho: “If I’m lucky enough to be confirmed, I’ll ask my colleague, Justice Scalia, to take me hunting. Because, you know, I grew up in New York, I didn’t have this experience, but I understand why this matters to you.”

Scalia obliged, starting with skeet shooting, Kagan said. “Then we went on to the real thing.” The duo go on hunting trips a couple of times of year for quail and pheasant and, next month, will hit Mississippi for some duck.

“I do like it,” Kagan admitted, boasting that she shot a deer on one trip to Wyoming with Scalia. “I’m a competitive person. You know, you put a gun in my hand and say the object is to shoot something, I’m like, ‘All right! Let’s do it!’ “

Interesting. There have been a number of putatively conservative justices who have written rulings as liberals from the Supreme Court bench. Could Kagan be heading the other way, a little bit? One can hope.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle