Term Limits

I’ve been thinking about the term limits issue, and have come to the opinion that the phrase “term limits” needs to be a nonstarter. Federal office is one term, period. And a limited time for bureaucrats in their positions as well. No one should be in Federal office long enough to “retire” from it.

Now, perhaps after a three-year gap, if you want to run for an elected office again, go for it. And you can do that as many times as you like, but enough time will have passed that you were not campaigning on the public’s dime, and you are not an incumbent, and the contracts you were involved with have been in someone else’s hands for years.

This is one part of the problem. Another part is that the government DOES have lucrative contracts to give out, and massive, corruption-attracting cashflow streams to direct. Most of these arise from the federal government’s involvement in things utterly outside the Constitution. Pull that out, and lobbyists will find little to attract them.

With the incentives to corruption removed, behavior of the system will automatically improve.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle