What is Barack Obama?

Many people accuse President Obama if being a Muslim, even a radical Muslim. I do not agree:

Obama is a radical of sorts, but not a “radical Muslim” in my opinion.

First, he is technically a Muslim by dint of his education (for a few years) in Indonesia; though he was young, it is enough for them to lay claim upon him. But I do not think this is true in Obama’s own mind. He is a non-strategic amateuristic pragmatist, in that he is all to willing to lie for even the shallowest purposes of the moment, giving little thought to what new lies he might have to tell in an hour or a day to cover for this lie. It clearly applies to so much of his daily activity, and I believe it applies to his religion as well.

He had been a more-or-less atheist, in the tradition of his mother and to an extent his grandparents who raised him. He joined a “Christian” church, the most radical one he could find headed by a pastor recently ejected from another church for his fiery militancy. (At the time, Jeremiah Wright’s afro was colored bright red, and he was impressive-looking as well as vehemently anti-white.)

Obama, he wrote (a bit from both books) joined this church because (1) it gave him the right political connections and background for his ambitions, and (2) they didn’t ask anything of him. He was not called upon to repent, or to commit himself to Jesus, or anything like that. He recognized at the time (thirty years ago!) that Wright’s inflammatory messages could someday be a problem, but they weren’t far from his own thinking and he would deal with that when it came up.

By lying about it, as we’ve seen over and over again.

So Obama is not really a Christian, though he played this up in 2008 to get votes. He’s not really a Muslim, but he played that up in Cairo in 2009 to get jihadist support. The media loved all of this, of course.

He’s used a sort of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach, but he is so very peculiar with regard to whom he considers enemies. Wealthy job creators? Evil, except when they’re big Obama donors. Oil industry folks? Oh, yes … unless it’s Tom Steyer, whose oil involvements and outsourcing activities were far larger than the Koch brothers’ but who now pretends to be a big environmentalist.

Obama is lying to the jihadists as well, even as he arms them against us. But they don’t care; their leaders see Obama as weak, and they’ll take what he hands out without a shred of loyalty in return. Obama, for his part, holds such a high opinion of himself that he believes that he is loved, and respected. He is neither, not even by most of those closest to him.

We have, it seems to me, an incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate for a president — and we are left at this point feeling thankful for the incompetence, without which he’d be even worse.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Sorry I missed this. While he uses “I” a lot in his speeches, I don’t think this is what you meant … and it certainly is not my problem with President Obama.

    Care to elaborate?

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • David A

    True, yet the destruction he is accomplishing is frightening, and his reelection is sad commentary on the education of the American public.

  • Imagine if Barack Obama had the political skills of Bill Clinton. He’d have accomplished more, but more dangerously would have the public believing that it was all a good thing.

    He’d also have avoided most of these ham-handed scandals, and deflected the rest so effectively that they’d be non-issues. Right now, even Obama’s lapdog media is pretty disgusted with him.

    Imagine, too, if Obama had the negotiating skills of a Ronald Reagan, who famously got many of his mandates through an originally very adversarial Congress. He was an extraordinary deal-maker, commanding the respect of both sides … and it is a great pity that the Democrats evidently never intended to live up to their end of the bargain.

    Obama’s disdain — for Congress, for SCOTUS, for the rule of law, for the Constitution, for America’s history, and for the American people — is all too evident. A competent person would never have made that visible to the public.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • David A

    Yet what is the distinction between his incompetence, and a true hate for the “evil” libertarian ideals of America?
    In affect have his actions not had the remarkable affect of making the citizens ever more dependent on Government? In affect have his action abroad not had the affect of endangering Israel, perhaps the lone example of some liberty ideals and tolerance in the M.E.? In affect has he not used his presidential authority to subtlety, and not so subtlety, fan the flames of racial discord?
    Has he not been remarkably effective in consolidating central authority to unelected officials? Has he not succeeded remarkably in transforming the US military (which radical leftist hate) into a less effective force? Has the incompetence and fiscal disaster of Obamacare not threatened to force a single payer centrist government solution? Has he not steadily built up a national security force with ever more domestic military capacity?
    I find his incompetence remarkably affective.

  • walthe310

    He’s guilty of the “I” word. Anything else?