Obama the Competent

Some commenters have wondered: Since Obama has done so much damage, how can I call him incompetent?  I’d written:

We have, it seems to me, an incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate for a president — and we are left at this point feeling thankful for the incompetence, without which he’d be even worse.

But the question was fair. It seems a thought experiment may help:

Imagine if Barack Obama had the political skills of Bill Clinton. He’d have accomplished more, but more dangerously would have the public believing that it was all a good thing.

He’d also have avoided most of these ham-handed scandals, and deflected the rest so effectively that they’d be non-issues. Right now, even Obama’s lapdog media is pretty disgusted with him.

Imagine, too, if Obama had the negotiating skills of a Ronald Reagan, who famously got many of his mandates through an originally very adversarial Congress. He was an extraordinary deal-maker, commanding the respect of both sides … and it is a great pity that the Democrats evidently never intended to live up to their end of the bargain.

Obama’s disdain — for Congress, for SCOTUS, for the rule of law, for the Constitution, for America’s history, and for the American people — is all too evident. A competent person would never have made that visible to the public.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle