Amendment B: Ballet Protection

It’s been a while, with a few interruptions (some good and some not). Here’s one that is controversial but where I am in complete agreement with Mark Levin. His language follows:

An Amendment to Protect the Vote

SECTION 1: Citizens in every state, territory, and the District of Columbia shall produce valid photographic identification documents demonstrating evidence of their citizenship, issued by the state government for the state in which the voter resides, as a requirement for registering to vote and voting in any primary or general election for President, Vice President, and members of Congress.

SECTION 2: Provisions shall be made by the state legislatures to provide such citizenship-designated photographic identification documents at no cost to individuals unable to afford fees associated with acquiring such documents.

SECTION 3: Early voting in any general election for President, Vice President, and members of Congress shall not be held more than thirty calendar days prior to the national day of election except for active-duty military personnel, for whom early voting shall not commence more than forty-five calendar days prior to the national day of election.

SECTION 4: Where registration and/ or voting is not in person but by mail, citizens must submit an approved citizen-designated photo identification and other reliable information to state election officials to register to vote and request ballots for voting, no later than forty-five calendar days before the primary or general elections for President, Vice President, or members of Congress . Registration forms and ballots must be returned and signed by the voter and must either be mailed or hand-delivered by the voter to state election officials. If delivered by a third party, the voter must provide written authorization for the person making the delivery and the third party must sign a statement certifying that he did not unduly influence the voter’s decisions.

SECTION 5: Electronic or other technology-based voting systems, for purposes of registering and voting in national elections, are proscribed unless a reliable identification and secure voting regimen is established by the state legislature.

From The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin.

There are some details left fuzzy, but the concept is correct. Your thoughts?

As an aside, a significant case claiming that voter ID was “racist” fell apart when the plaintiff could produce no significant evidence in the last quarter century, and relied on evidence going back to Woodrow Wilson’s administration. Of course, Wilson was a Democrat, progressive, and extraordinarily racist, giving White House sanction to the KKK and reinstating the racial segregation of government service.

But that was long ago. And it is nothing to do with voter ID.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle