Underserved Group: Jihadists

Two events occurred in recent days which are connected. Both involve the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood.

First, President Obama met recently with jihadists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood he has been so good to. Almost all of the terrorist operations around the world, from the Palestinians to al Qaeda to the Taleban, are Muslim Brotherhood franchises or branches. Many of these downplay their connection to the head offices in Egypt, for plausible deniability, but this ruse is so transparent it could only fool the US State Department. Egypt had banned the MB for decades, giving rise to a generation of young Egyptians who had never experienced the MB in power. President Obama took advantage of this, staging his early speech in Cairo specifically aimed at encouraging the MB (with the US demanding that banned MB representatives be allowed to attend), and acting behind the scenes to help topple Mubarak from power then supporting the MB during the ensuing chaos.

So the jihadists took power in Egypt, and it took very little time for Egyptians to get a snootful of them and reject them utterly. Now, once again, the Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Egypt as a terrorist organization. They have few friends in the world outside of jihadists and their supporters, but unfortunately that number includes President Obama. Obama acted unilaterally to send the jihadists billions of dollars when they were in power, just as he has now done with the jihadists in Iran. (Not coincidentally, the Iranians have been cementing their ties with the Brotherhood as Egypt has been rejecting them.) Obama cut off aid to Egypt when the MB was booted out by the Egyptians — causing the US-friendly Egyptians, an ally for decades, to turn to Russia for help.

So we have a visitor to the White House who is the a major lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood in England. We have a visitor to the White House whose father heads the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq. We have a visitor to the White House whose brother finances terrorism in Egypt … wait a minute, he’s not a visitor, that’s President Obama. His brother Malik Obama is the one sought by Egypt for his financing operations, and who shows up on the IRS-fasttracked “Barack H. Obama Foundation” website in a jihadist “destroy Israel” scarf.

We sure know how to pick ’em.

So, shortly after the jihadist meetings in the White House, we have this new release from the administration — they will seek to ease restrictions on jihadists seeking to enter the United States seeking asylum. We’ll now let them in even if they have ties to terrorist operations, with it left up to the administration to decide how important those ties are:

Apparently,  the administration felt that we were not getting enough jihadists coming into the US, compared to their percentage of population in the world at large. We were insufficiently representative, perhaps. Such is the thinking behind “diversity” mandates.

This is all very sad. I wish it were not so plausible.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle