Ideologically Stunted

A follow-up to the posts here and here on the Carney/Shipman home decorations.

Is it a requirement that the home show patriotic posters and books. No. That would have been nice, and of course unsurprising in the home of someone on the Bush or Reagan teams. But the absence of this would not have been a problem. Had Carney’s walls and bookshelves been decorated with anything else, French paintings to European classical works, this whole situation would have been unremarkable.

In the Bush and Reagan administrations, the people they surrounded himself with were a mixture of dedicated public servants, bureaucrats, and folks who genuinely love and appreciate their country. They blend into each other.

Obama has the first two categories, of course, but instead of the third, he has surrounded himself with people whose perception of America ranges from mild disdain to outright detestation and hatred. To some of them, it is possible to fix it, to remake it into a Utopian paradise in their statist model, but for others the collapse of the country into a global society is the goal. They’ve made this clear in their writings — and Obama has made clear that picking such people, after their writings make their goals evident, bothers him not at all.

Sometimes, when politically expedient, Obama will abandon a choice — but he’s unhappy about the complaints, not the America-hatred thus exposed in the candidate. From Anita Dunn to Van Jones to Debo Adegbile, Obama sees nothing wrong with his choices. And Carney and Shipman, here, saw nothing wrong with their pro-Soviet bias. It did not even occur to them that this could be an issue.

But the Obama crew is ideologically stunted in many other ways, as well.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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    Thanks for the laugh.