Heartbleed, Personal

I had a bit of a health scare last week — and survived it, thanks to the wisdom of two doctors who are also friends.  Other doctors were involved in supporting roles; I appreciate them as well.

I’d been feeling bad for a while; the same situation that caused the loss of my Lady and other factors had wrecked my digestion. Ten days ago (Thursday April 18), I had blood tests done. The results came back Monday, when the lab calling me to say that I needed to do the tests over again, they could not trust the results. I was feeling worse, and suspected that the anomalous results were not wrong.

New blood drawn Monday, and results came back Wednesday morning. The call I got was panicked — but by this time, my body was bleeding out internally. Every hour was finding some new place, inside or out, to bleed from. I was even tracking blood from an old cut on my foot that had healed a week before.

I was able to drive myself to the hospital, and the lab had warned them that I was on the way. Immediate IV hookups, and bags of blood components and Vitamin K, brought astounding fast recovery. Subsequently, I’ve launched onto a massive supplement campaign and my clotting factor has gone from 18+ to 1.2, almost normal. (0.9 to 1.1 is normal, 2 is common for people on Coumadin, and 3 indicates a Coumadin overdose that is serious).  The two tests done on me Wednesday produced a ridiculously high values, indicating my blood could not clot at all.

Not only am I alive, I am healing rapidly and doing surprisingly well — to the point of feeling better physically (except for limb soreness from bleeding into the muscles) than I have in weeks.

There are eighteen other blood indicators that are outside the normal range. But a week ago, it was 24, so I am making progress.

The Heart’s Blood of Journalism

In the meantime, I was struck by this article on the so-called transparency of the Obama administration; they’ve just enacted a new rule against reporters that has the reporters howling. To connect it with the other topic, reporters talking to their sources is the heart’s blood of journalism. The Obama Administration has just made ALL unauthorized contact a firing/prosecution offense. And the New York Times has said:

The administration has shown itself to be more interested with its public relations crusade than with being open and honest with the American people about significant acts carried out in their name.

However, they said this in official legal filings, not in the sanitized information they themselves provide “the American people.” In other words, the New York Times is as duplicitous as the Obama administration.

Common behavior

The Obama administration has been frantic about Americans finding out what’s going on from the earliest days, using hidden personal email accounts for government business and instructing their people to “put nothing in writing, ever.”

Protecting the Obama administration, though, is  common behavior for the NYT, too: At the same time that they were telling their readers that Valere Plame was a covert agent, they were filing official court documents proving (quite convincingly)) that she could not have been. I wrote about that at the time.

And I am happy to be around to write about it again.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • It was close. I bought groceries Tuesday; Wednesday I was wondering if anyone would eat them before they went bad.

    Incidentally, most of the comment action here takes place on LiveJournal.

    After blood chemistry has (at least partially) stabilized, I can fix other problems. I could not eat, now I can; it has made a lot of difference. That and massive supplement doses on key items.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Citizen Tom

    Sounds like a close call. Never heard of anyone experiencing anything quite like that kind of dietary deficiency. Perhaps most people bleed to death before they realize what’s happening, and the way doctors report the cause of death is too random to make a common connection.

    Anyway, i am glad you are feeling better. Hopefully, you have plans to reform your diet.