Bountiful Food

A brief follow-up on that lead image from the Washingtonian Mom section on Jay Carney and Claire Shipman I wrote about this morning. It is somewhat ironic that Shipman’s new book stresses the importance of confidence over competence. The resulting article seems to be a result of lack of competence, boldly proclaimed.

Claire Shipman probably still misses the Soviet Union, where she was married the first time: “”When we left, Gorbachev called us in to say goodbye and gave us each a bear hug. It’s that kind of place.” Shipman picked journalism as a way to get herself to the Communist country, according to this article about her from 19 years ago. Of course, it is legal to be a Communist, or Communist sympathizer, in the United States. But I am intrigued at how many such people Obama has surrounded himself with, and how clueless they seem about the public image of such sympathy, as evidenced by the posters in the kitchen and the Gorbachev statue.

Another minor aspect of the kitchen image, all that food, intrigued me. I won’t count the bountiful array of unsliced fruits that will likely keep at room temperature for a bit. They would still be good the next day. But look what’s on the counter for immediate consumption, working foreground to background:
Food Counter

  • Bacon, pancakes, and butter (margarine?).
  • Only four eggs on the counter, plus one in the air — they’re missing a bet here, I think.
  • A half-dozen or more sugared pastry rolls.
  • Ten slices of bread, apparently politically correct whole-grain at least.
  • At least a pound of butter or margarine.
  • Perhaps two pounds of already-cooked sausages. Cold, no doubt.
  • More pancakes in the background, what seems to be fifteen to twenty more.
  • And another stack of glazed pastries, more than a dozen large rolls.

This is the food set out for two skinny adults and two skinny kids, the family of the man who is the public face of the Obama administration. The “Let’s Move” anti-obesity, get rid of unhealthy lunches through regulation administration.

I don’t think four times as many people could eat that many pastries and pancakes in a day, with all the bread and sticks of butter. Where would they have room for all the fruit scattered about?

Of course, they had an army of design people working on putting these shots together. Literally:

Creative By Design Army. Photography By Cade Martin. Styling By Pascale Lemaire, T.h.e. Artist Agency. Hair & Makeup By Ismail Tekin & Carl Ray, George Salon At Four Seasons

The disconnect between this elite couple and their fawning followers, versus the public image you’d think they’d try to maintain, is interesting. It is of little consequence, and is hardly a “scandal” — though it’s the sort of thing that would be big in the media if it were Republicans involved. This selectivity operates the same way as with the IRS criminal prosecution referral that didn’t get a mention in the leftist press last week at all.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle