Chevron Fraud

This is an interesting case that has been litigated for a long time. It is essentially Chevron against a coalition of environmentalists and their attorneys, who initially won an $18 billion judgment against the energy company.

But that has changed. Now, in the face of massive fraud by the self-important environmentalists, a New York court has reversed the judgment and castigated the fraudsters in a nearly 500-page opinion. Apparently, the fraudster enviros were so enamored with themselves, they made a movie — and outtakes from the movie, demonstrating the kickbacks and bribes and falsification of evidence, were forced to be released. Kevin Williamson of NRO writes:

What’s notable here is that Chevron’s complaint is under the RICO law, meaning that it implies the existence of an ongoing criminal organization. What we have here, if the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York is correct, is the new face of organized crime, and one of the most spectacular attempts at extortion in recorded history.

Corruption galore, including paid hit-pieces written about the case in Huffington Post and Politico in exchange for a cut of the court winnings. Lots of details here.

The New York Times doesn’t like it, of course. But even they had to close with:

In his ruling, Judge Kaplan said Mr. Donziger “began his involvement in this controversy with a desire to improve conditions in the area in which his Ecuadorean clients live.” But in the end, he and his associates “submitted fraudulent evidence” and otherwise subverted justice. “If ever there were a case warranting equitable relief with respect to a judgment procured by fraud, this is it.”

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle