Rules for Thee

They caught the guy. He was carrying concealed on school grounds, and based upon the penalties enacted in New York State about carrying a gun in such gun-free zones, he was arrested. The story was noted by The Truth About Guns, and is implausible: […]

Beef with the USDA

This is a placeholder for a developing story. Something seems rotten … and I don’t think it will turn out to be the food. […]

An Alien View of Guns

In the excellent book Wizard by John Varley, an alien whose race is physically rather larger than humans tells a human friend why the aliens want to ban guns: […]

Right to Lie

Frequently, Fox News is attacked as having sued in court to prove that they have the right to lie and to distort the news. Here is a typical example: “As a U.S. television entity, FOX went to court (AND WON) the right to lie to their viewing audience by way of a right-leaning SCOTUS’ verdict.” […]


I enjoy the comic strip XKCD. It is often science oriented, frequently clever, and heads off in the same peculiar directions that I find myself pursuing from time to time. But this time, I have a complaint: […]

Now Scoping Americans

We are relaxing to the idea of every communication between us being monitored by a government that considers the other political party to be “enemies.” (Isn’t it odd that President Obama will talk about compromises with Iranian jihadists, but not with Republicans?) As has been revealed recently, NSA has off-shore sites making their gathering of email lists from Americans technically legal. So, despite recent court activity and supposed “executive actions,” this would not be affected: […]

Communist Failure Equals American Success

The communists at are heartbroken, as right-to-work laws are allowing workers to make a choice about whether or not to join the union. And most horribly of all (in their minds it is “a nightmare”), people are investing and opening businesses and creating jobs as a result: […]

The Nader of Honesty

Ralph Nader is an interesting character. He is famous as a crusader, but like Don Quixote in “Man of La Mancha,” his crusades are not always against real villains. And like Quixote, his exploits have been built up in stories so that reality no longer matters much.