Voter Fraudulent Defense

Defending voter fraud on the basis of perceived “racism” is bizarre, but we have such foolish people as Colin Powell and the occasional statist Republican senator who goes along with this. In so doing, they are fraudulently denying real American citizens their right to vote, by canceling those votes out with an illegal ones.

But what about the cost? This could make sense for someone outside the US, though in fact many other countries regularly use IDs for voting already. In the United States, there is no “printing cost” for voter IDs. Just about everyone here already has them, for just about anything else except illegal-alien voting. Welfare checks, alcohol, cigarettes, boarding an aircraft or some other forms of transport, making a purchase with a check or card, entering a commercial city office or government building, doing banking … all of this routinely requires IDs. The only issue here is protecting the ability of non-citizens to cancel out the votes of citizens.

This fellow (Bill Whittle, here as the Virtual President) says it well:

No one has to gear up or spend new money to print IDs; they’re doing it already. Every single state in the US has an ID. Some states charge a nominal fee, often $10, which works out to $2.50 per year or about twenty cents per month for those people who don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t travel, don’t bank, don’t purchase, but would still like to vote. And organizations are champing at the bit to donate that cost to them.

One common argument of the left is: “Voter fraud is almost undetectable now. We have to get extremely lucky to detect it. Nevertheless, we do detect it, so it must not be worth pursuing.” The bureaucracy — the government party, in other words — almost never prosecutes voter fraud. In one town, 87 people were caught by comparing jury and voter registration roles, and several of them actually admitted that they had voted illegally. (There is no way to tell, otherwise, with the current system.) But ThinkProgress crowed because only one person on that list, a Canadian, was actually prosecuted — because he had other crimes (he’d falsified a firearm background check). To ThinkProgress, this means progress: They’re afraid of firearms anyway.

And the same state where ThinkProgress bragged that there was only one illegal voter? I <i>personally</i> was involved in getting hundreds of thousands of illegal voters off of the voter roles in Florida. They were identified, but many of them were protected by Democrat election commissions. And when I called up to register to vote (I used to live in Florida), they were suddenly decidedly unhelpful when I requested to be registered as a Republican.

It’s the same with state voter registration drives. Democrats keep bureaucrats in power, or at least ever more than Republicans.

There is absolutely no cost to this to the taxpayer, not a penny. To the voter, it would be at most a few cents per month for the ID that 99.9% of (real) voters already have … and charities would love to donate that cost and effort in voter registration drives. The states fund these drives now, just to get people to register. A huge amount of money was stuck into Obamacare to get people to register to vote. Thus, there is no actual cost difference at all. The only way they’ll spend money on it is arguing about it and making big advertising campaigns around it. But such is government.

And if it is “racist” to require IDs for voting, then why isn’t it “racist” to require IDs for all of those other things? Answer: It is not, of course.

So why fight it so hard? Because this is happening at scales large enough to change outcomes — it did in 1960, when Nixon beat Kennedy but only in the count of live, legal voters — and the people defending voter fraud need that edge to win.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle