Prison Break

The National Lawyers Guild

Just a few days ago, I mentioned the National Lawyers Guild (using its abbreviation NLG) to a person who portrayed himself as a lawyer involved with Constitutional issues. The NLG is a group of largely communist, America-hating lawyers and activists founded (along with the ACLU) by liberals and communists including Soviet KGB front people in the 1930s , and have spent the intervening time using the US Constitution to attack America any way they can.

Dancing Wikipedia

Wikipedia does an amusing tap dance about the NLG’s founding. Of course, they had nothing to do with communism:

Contrary to some right-wing thought, the NLG was not sponsored by or related to the Communist Party,

Well, that is clear enough, isn’t it? Not “related to the Communist Party” at all. But wait … that’s a comma at the end, not a period. What follows this?

… although in the 1930s a significant number of NLG founders had been members or fellow travelers of the Communist Party USA,[7] including Executive Secretary Riemer and Joseph Brodsky of the CP’s International Labor Defense auxiliary.[5]

Ah. But still, the first part of this sentence tells us that having founders including the Communist Party USA’s Executive Director doesn’t prevent them from clearly asserting that this is “not related” to the Communist Party. Such is the nature of Wikipedia when controversial issues are in play. In this case the “controversy” is an odd one; the allegation is that only “right-wing thought” could consider the involvement of these early Communist Party honchos to be somehow “related to” that Communist Party.

The talk page is unsurprisingly a battleground over this point and similar issues. But not matter what level of involvement the Communist Party had in their founding, they’re certainly hip deep in the NLG now.

Darlings of the Left

The NLG is big on police brutality accusations, hung out at “occupy” gatherings hoping to catch someone being mistreated, are first in line (now that Eric Holder is busy) to defend jihadists, and thus are generally darlings of the far Left. They have recruiting/”activism” offices in major universities all across the United States. The media treats them gently, typically as a “human rights group.”

They host radio shows (such as on KPFK in Los Angeles, which I listen to from time to time) in which they are proudly Communist. I recorded, a decade ago, their hysterical glee when Ronald Reagan’s death was announced: It was party time, they said, while Reagan “crackled and burned” in Hell. (Apparently they found religion, at least for a moment.) Their long history includes creating of labor unions and giving them their Communist and Mafia underpinnings; they created the United Auto Workers, for example.

The NLG was described by the US government decades ago:

The real aims of the National Lawyers Guild, as demonstrated conclusively by its activities … are not specified in its constitution or statement of avowed purpose. In order to attract non-Communists to serve as a cover for its actual purpose as an appendage to the Communist Party, the National Lawyers Guild poses benevolently as ‘a professional organization which shall function as an effective social force in the service of the people.’

I remember their website a decade or so ago wherein they bragged about going to North Korea to be “in solidarity” with their “Communist brethren.” Since that time, most of the details of that trip have vanished from the website. But I have been following their doings for a long time.

Liberating the liberal for “liberationists”

One of their people is Lynne Stewart, a lawyer who has bragged about: how much she despises the US, considers Usama bin Ladin and his jihadists “liberationists” and would have loved to defend him (she says)., was sentenced to jail for helping her client the blind sheik continue to control and operate his network of jihadists, by communicating his commands from jail.

Barack Obama just let her out, and of course she’s had standing invitations to come and speak at universities all over the US, where she is a real life legend defending the heroes of the far left from jihadists to Black Panthers to Mafiosi.

Defending cop-killers but not cops

She won’t defend police, though. She has her standards, and prefers cop-killers as clients. And she doesn’t believe in general “anarchistic” violence. She wants “directed violence … against the institutions that perpetuate capitalism.” Of course, she’s against “racism” and “sexism” too, unless the person involved is a minority or female to dares to disagree with the Left. Again, her standards are involved: those people must be destroyed.

It is interesting to me that the woman who helped “the Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman continue to operate, after he organized the first bombing of the World Trade Center, then was further convicted for rather blatant perjury to protect him, would be the person President Obama would pick for special consideration. But … there it is.

Ostensibly, it is because she has cancer. But to me, she herself is one.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle