Global Intolerance

Since the global warming catastrophists are so obviously losing the debate, they are doing everything they can to make certain that debate is not allowed. Consider this bit of humor:


It is not overstating the case by much. Skeptics are interested in debating the science. Catastrophists want to “destroy” skeptics, as in this letter from Gore’s operation last week:

I look forward to following their great work and continuing to see the impact that all of you will have towards destroying denial worldwide and finding solutions to the climate crisis.

There have been countless other catastrophists who have asserted that skeptics should be shot, hung, dragged behind trucks until dead, jailed and executed (a collection of threats), and so on.

Others want to restrict our ability to write. This article suggests that the Internet should be licensed, to keep “deniers” from being able to use it.

We just want to discuss the science. California, my state, just put out a report warning of several feet of sea level rise in California, despite the fact that (buried on page 109 of the report) you can pick up that the total rise in San Francisco over the last century has been only about eight inches — and in the last thirty years, roughly zero.

The report talks about “takings” of private property “without just compensation” because of the threat of this sea level rise, and notes that figuring out the legalities will be someone else’s problem.

Yes indeed … they want to make it our problem. Let’s make it theirs, instead, by showing the “best available science” for what it is: Ignored, and replaced by political claptrap.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Citizen Tom

    The insanity of it is amazing. Unfortunately, the global warming hysteria is not the only manifestation of fanaticism we have been seeing lately.