Yielding to Dishonesty

The New Yorker has a new issue out in which they talk about the terrible drought of 2012 and its effect upon corn crops — in the context, oddly, of 2013 being the best year in history for US corn crops. After opening with how great the harvest is right now, they talk about disaster last year: […]

Constitutional Disability

For some time, an email has circulated about the UN Small Arms Treaty, that it would provide a mechanism for the United Nations to force the Obama administration to take the guns of US citizens. Snopes.com declares the idea that the UN treaty would provide “a legal way around the Second Amendment” completely false. Why? Well, because: “…the U.S. ‘voted in favor [of the treaty only] after the Obama Administration secured its key “red line” that the treaty would have no impact on the Second Amendment.” In other words, we have President Obama’s assurance that “if you like the Second Amendment, you can keep the Second Amendment.” That is certainly reassuring. But… […]

Sovereign Ciancia

From the carefully-released snippets of his “note” and “literature” it would seem that Paul Ciancia, the LAX TSA shooter, is part of the Sovereign Citizen movement. The news media has not, so far, mentioned this phrase. Instead, they simply describe him over and over as “anti-government” — intending to evoke the Tea Party, which they also try to portray this way. […]