Haunted Manson

When you have a story to tell, the truth is inconvenient indeed. Here are some headlines out there if you search for “Jules Manson” and limit the search to the past week. Note the emphasis on Tea Party, including “Tea Party darling” — but few indeed give any hint that this story is from two years ago. In some cases, the dates have been blanked out. The story is being treated as breaking news: […]

The Failure of Mutually Assured Destruction

For decades, the Soviet Union and the United States held each other at bay in an uneasy stalemate. It was an active, “hot” war despite the “cold war” moniker, and each side lose thousands of troops. But it never broke into a nuclear conflagration, because each side realized the destruction that would come from it. And that once begun, it could not be undone. The Soviet and American leaders were, in a sense, much alike. Neither side would risk it, though both got very good at the brinkmanship involved. This concept does not work at all if one side are suicide bombers. They plan to die; it’s merely a question of doing the most damage on the way out. […]

Reporters Fear Obama

The “most transparent administration in history” has been putting those NSA phone records to use, against reporters — and whistleblowers. Even the Washington Post, normally a reliable water-carrier for the administration, has taken notice:


Schizophrenic Voices

The woman who tried to breach the barricades around the White House (and perhaps the Capitol building) allegedly had a history of mental illness. You can tell that there was insanity going on: She fired seventeen shots at an unarmed person.

Well, actually, that was the police. But in any event, Miriam Carey was not […]

Forced into Visibility

As we’ve seen from the sequester to the shutdown to various other situations, the Obama administration has taken active steps to cause grief for two groups: conservatives and the military.

In the case of the World War II veterans attending the WWII Memorial, President Obama had a “two-fer”; they are certainly military, likely conservative, and […]

Future Generations of WWII Veterans

The title seems absurd, doesn’t it? Here is the reason for the closure of the World War II Memorial, as reported by Erin McPike of CNN:

“I know that this is an open-air memorial, but we have people on staff who are CPR trained, (and) we want to make sure that we have maintenance crew […]