White Fox, Black List

ArcticFoxBefore today’s update, I’ll relate an odd situation that has just occurred. Based upon an overwhelming number of complaint (i.e., one person), I’ve been booted off the MainstreamLastFirst FaceBook page, and my comments detailing the status and numbers of the Arctic Joule crew have been removed.  The reason is that, elsewhere on this site, you can learn that I am not in agreement with the actions proposed by some global warming activists. I am, in other words, a heretic. (I am a science researcher for a living, and the climate change science topic has interested me since the 1970s.) It is not something I discuss there, or in these posts previously, but it was enough (with some false accusations by one other commenter there) to get me cast out as unacceptable, to get “put out on the ice” so to speak.

No matter; I’m still interested in the Arctic Joule‘s doings and hoping for their success. And I’ll continue to update on this site, using the pings from their GPS feed, for those who are interested and remember how to get here.  This link will get you to the latest post, and I’ve rigged it up so that updates to the spreadsheet are kept current on any post; they all point to the same file.

Note: Even if there’s no new post, the chart will still be updated often — just note the time stamp visible on the thumbnail. That’s why I made that text large enough to see without having to download the entire file.

Yesterday was a good day for the crew. I’d calculated that they needed to make about 66 kilometers per day (about 41 miles) to finish on their originally hoped-for September 23rd. They made this number yesterday, with over 71km under their belt for a strong finish, with more than 30km so far today. And it’s pointing the right direction as well — east — now that they’re in the Coronation Gulf and can aim closer to their goal. (Some previous days had been good progress on distance, but pointing far enough off course that the effect was countered.)

They’re close to halfway done: 44.2% as of this morning. There is ice ahead, and not much melt season left in this cold Arctic summer. But they just need an edge — a little separation between ice and shore — and perhaps they can pull this off. It is a substantial challenge, and much of it is not within their control. So we follow along, and hope for the best.

My central Arctic Joule page with FAQs is maintained here. Ask a question, here or there, and I’ll be happy to answer it. I’ve just added a discussion of the “days behind” number, currently 12.9.

Thanks for being here. I’m glad that others have found the spreadsheet and charts useful. For those who just want to see the current position and overview, the front page graphic is available here full sized.

Arctic Joule tracking chart

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • kepler

    The best laid schemes often go awry, and in this case it is the design of the boat that will prevent them from reaching their goal. The boat’s cross-sectional area is just too large for the normal winds that they encountered.

  • LexingtonGreen

    Well, hopefully their calling it quits will help raise awareness of the failure of the warmist movement. If you need a new topic to write about Keith, may I suggest one of my top topics which is property rights. I have to wonder what the world would be like if all these resources had not been squandered these many years on the non-issue of Global Warming. As Egypt boils, this 2011 article by Hernando Desoto is the best background on this topic. (If it appears to be behind a paywall, just Google the story and for whatever reason it should open. ) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704358704576118683913032882.html

    Egypt’s Economic Apartheid

    More than 90% of Egyptians hold their property without legal title. No wonder they can’t build wealth and have lost hope.

  • Douglas_Kubler

    The only surprise is the warning. Ironic to hope for help from Mother Nature when the trip was planned to prove Mother Nature weak.

  • Thank you, Juergen. Oddly, this was written several days ago (long prior to their reaching Lady Franklin Point), though apparently just posted today. It means that the site moderators were aware of this plan when they removed all references to my tracking system. Interesting.

    The crew hadn’t disclosed the centerboard issue on their blog, not that this was necessarily the show-stopper. It was, in all senses, a tough row this year.

    I still wish them well. And I’ll continue to track them until they reach Cambridge Bay, which is actually a real town with homes and a population of over 1,000 people.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Juergen Uhlemann

    The rowing team “The Arctic Joule” will end at Cambridge Bay and not as planned at Pond Inlet.

  • They made this comment themselves; I don’t remember remarking on it though I might have. It seemed … unremarkable, so to speak. Ah, I might have done so, as the other crew were using both sails and oars and thus their faster speed was not too surprising. But nothing I said would have been an attack or negative reflection on the AJ crew. I did see someone else sort of snicker at the overtaking.

    And I did not mention that the crew drew their own boat incorrectly — they have the rowers rowing it backward. Hard to imagine why they did this. But I quite carefully don’t pick on them (including spelling and such), and thought the drawing reasonably well done except for which way they’re facing.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Douglas_Kubler

    I don’t remember seeing a post that would upset the warmers, the only thing that comes to mind is someone (you?) commented the sailboat caught the rowers.

  • That story makes me wonder: Who did the shooting? “Shot in the chest” doesn’t sound like a typical suicide.

    Perhaps I am more dangerous because I am reasonable. But it was not my intent to cause uproar, nor dissuade anyone of their opinions, but simply to share the results of my calculations on this project.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • LexingtonGreen

    Blocking you just shows how fearful they are of having the whole scam of AGW exposed in my humble opinion.. The sad thing is that people believe the fear mongers, who are just out to make a buck, and do things like actually killing themselves like these people: http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=352991&CategoryId=14093
    I really can’t believe the misallocation of resources from this movement.