Frosty with bitter blasts

And that’s just the FaceBook page for the MainstreamLastFirst expedition.

I’ve updated the chart and the screen shot, even though the crew is still tied down on the north short of the Dease Strait and unable to move due to heavy winds. But I confess to being disappointed by the behavior, evidently approved by the management, of commenters at the MLF page.

First of all, it’s now been a couple of days, and there is still no link to the Irish Times article in which the crew announced to the world (but not their own Internet followers!) that they were giving up. I don’t blame the crew for not proceeding further: conditions really are bad and getting worse, and ice has apparently blocked their path to Pond Inlet already. I think the “four more weeks of melt season” is not happening this year.

Did the crew really withhold this information intentionally from their followers? I suspect not. A rather rabid MLF poster has mentioned it (with no link still), but I think that the original blog entry was simply omitted by their ground crew person in Vancouver. This is speculation on my part, and it strikes me as odd that their new blog post today still contains no mention of planning to give up. (There is some interesting photography in it, though.)

The Captain of the Grey Goose, which does Arctic expeditions, excoriates the crew for various reasons. I don’t feel so harshly about them; I think they made their best guess and built to suit, and the guess was wrong. So far, it seems that they will get out of this alive — I certainly hope so. And I recognize and appreciate their monumental effort getting as far as they did. It’s not clear that they’ve intentionally withheld info about their decision to quit, since all of their text goes through Vancouver before posting.

It’s the poor FaceBook page that saddens me most. They have one furious poster that hunts down any new arrivals to see if he can find “dirt” on them — which in his mind means that they are not True Believers in Global Warming. No matter how benign their post on the MLF page, he swarms to the attack. Consider this exchange:

So far as I know, this was the first and only comment by Morry Weiskop at the time that Lawrence Martin attacked. Later discussion showed that Morry Weiskop was correct, and a detailed closeup of the ice in Dease Strait was posted showing the Arctic Joule amongst greens of ice in the water (I added the position marker and name just now):

To this, Lawrence Martin simply called him a denier troll again, “taking his orders from Troll Central.” Amazing. And it does no  service to the Arctic Joule crew to have this fellow as their most-visible representative.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • kepler

    This FAQ link at the NSIDC explains why their maps show ice incorrectly sometimes. The maps are based on near-real-time passive microwave data which has some limitations and issues associated with it.

  • Incidentally, there is an extended conversation — about you, basically — in the comments of the LiveJournal version of this post:

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • I cannot fault the captain’s personal experience with the ocean and even with the area, and I note that a full crossing (Atlantic-Pacific at the Arctic Circle boundary) is a much larger challenge than what these fellows have undertaken.

    As it is, the four rowers are still 95 miles from the Bay (sounds like a song) and in the teeth of killing conditions. Much could go wrong on the last leg of this journey.

    I wish them well. But I will turn my attention back to the science problems and the exaggerated catastrophism in the service of bad science — and bad politics.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • You’re welcome. I recognize that comments get “disappeared” and there are aspects that I miss, so please point out if I get something wrong.

    Compare Lawrence Martin with “Mogur” from the comments here over the past couple of weeks. Mogur, too, is a “warmist”: convinced that the climate change business is something that needs our immediate attention and action. But we can discuss these things, and the conversation is reasonable and civil, and based on facts and we’re both as Mogur put it “seekers of truth.” I am glad to have that conversation, and it’s the sort of thing that would be utterly foreign to Lawrence Martin’s acidic and manic style.

    You simply posted a brief comment and a link. The fellow could not help himself, and at that point, consideration of the underlying issue is lost: You were not a True Believer. It is both comic and very sad, but his approach is becoming more and more common on that side of the question.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • According to both the moderator in a private note to me, and according to Lawrence Martin who bragged about speaking with her, they had a conversation about me. Then Martin redoubled his attacks; it was then he posted his “I really despise DeHavelle” post. That remained for some time (rather to my surprise) until I commented (mildly) noting that the assertions he was making were false. Then it disappeared (along with all of my other writings there she could find, though she missed one), and Martin went on to attack other new arrivals.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • kepler

    The moderator posted new rules for commenters “in an effort to tone down some of the ‘heat’ on this page”. The “heat” that she is referring to exists soley in the hate-speech posts of Martin. Instead of toning it down, she can remove it completely by simply banning Martin from the page. If she has any integrity at all that is what she’ll do. If not it will stand as a great example of how NOT to moderate a Facebook page.

  • LexingtonGreen

    Boy,the Captain sure held nothing back. That was quite the smack down. So, I guess with the AJ expedition essentially over, it is back to the less interesting countdown to see if the consensus of an ice free arctic in 2013 occurs. But I have no dought there will be ice and it will go down as another failed attempt by the profiteers of climate alarmism to garner headlines in their quest for a socialist backwards utopia.

  • Morry Weiskop

    Keith – thanks for clearing that up
    Morry Weiskop