99 K from the Bay

The crew of the Arctic Joule are now blogging openly about their planned end when they reach Cambridge Bay:

After 2 days of stormy winds, we got going again today and I think we were all definitely beginning this morning with the end in mind. This has been an incredible experience so far but I know I am ready to get this done now and get to Cambridge Bay. We were chatting about this earlier today and we’re all on the same page.

So far, they’ve not mentioned anything about trying again next year. They’ve made almost 60 kilometers so far today, and I expect that they’ll be in Cambridge Bay sometime late tomorrow night (Tuesday) if the weather holds. But that weather has been notoriously treacherous (from their perspective, at least).

The updated chart and spreadsheet (PDF) is here, with the front page snapshot here.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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  • LexingtonGreen

    How appropriate that they end their attempt at raising awareness of the melting arctic on the day that the Northwest Passage closes on both ends. http://northwestpassage2013.blogspot.com/2013/08/canadian-arctic-blocked-with-sea-ice-at.html


    The legendary Arctic Northwest Passage has become blocked with 5/10 concentrated drifting sea ice at both the eastern and at the western ends of Canada’s Arctic Archipelago.

  • kepler

    Hi Keith, we haven’t heard from you for a couple of days. Hope you are watching the big arrival.

  • LexingtonGreen

    I don’t know what to make of their comments. ” We sent the best part of two years putting this expedition together and I spent every waking moment looking forward to it. What the hell was I thinking! I suppose when I have time to reflect on the trip once it’s all done and dusted, I will forget the rough times.”
    Can we hope that they have realized they were duped by global warming alarmists? Will they call out the members of “the team” who have profited from the scam resulting in misallocation of resources that could have gone to cancer research, Alzheimers research and all of the other real problems facing the world. Will they acknowledge that throwing our economies under the bus via such things as the UK’s “Climate Change Act of 2008” did nothing other than shift manufacturing to China where they have horrific environmental laws.
    These guys have a unique opportunity. Let’s see what they do with it.

  • LexingtonGreen

    I am not sure, but it looks like 13 knot winds coming at them. I guess they may hunker down for a bit.

  • kepler

    I don’t know if you saw my post in “Frosty with bitter blasts” or not. But this might help explain some of the discrepancy.


  • Morry Weiskop

    What did you mean by ” A pity about the ice;” in your comment at the Mainstream FB page about 4 hours ago? Can’t mention “ICE” there or you will be deleted.

    Sorry for getting you into the mild flame war at LHLJ regarding the NLR ice map. I will send a copy of the whole thread to NLR, NIDC and Cryosphere Today for comment as to why they show ice and CIS doesn’t.

  • Morry Weiskop

    The FB thread in the Posts by Others section which referred to the Irish Times article by Paul Gleeson has been removed.


    The article finishes off with “…….. we are 550km from Cambridge Bay, which is only our halfway mark, and it could be the end of August before we get there. If so, this is where our expedition will finish.”

    It seems that at this time the moderators of the FB page and at the Mainstream web page are reluctant to make this clear.

    OTOH a commendable feat although misguided and bound to fail from the getgo

  • *chuckle*

    I’d agree: One year of uptrend in ice, even substantial, is not even particularly indicative, let alone conclusive. I’m writing a post to respond to you more fully on this — and in fact I wrote it here and am moving it now.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • mogur

    Typos? there are not more than to tpyos in mi intire artic flow post. Their, I sad it. Too, only to.

    Bugs me a bit, also, but there has to be some accolade for your diligence, Keith. Nice work. Not too anal, not too exploitative, just the reality. I don’t think the melting season is over, but the Arctic Joule team should give you credit for your effort, not cut you off at the end, like a dissenting child. Steven can go on about twice the ice of last year, but the truth is that this is/was a year of regression. Whether that is a refutation of climate science, or just part of the fluctuation is a matter for the experts, which excludes both Steven and I. The difference between him and I is that I am not sure what the truth actually is. But eventually, we will both know.

  • LexingtonGreen

    Looks like 2.25 miles per hour across the open water. I only looked at 4 hours so I could be way off. Anyhow, tough going.

  • I tend to be forgiving of typos, though it was a little surprising that a crew who spent two years planning for the encounter of ice in Arctic waters would not know how ice “floes” are spelled.

    The Irish Times article, and the tone of the last couple of posts, make the “I just want it over with” tone pretty evident. Something new in their most recent blog post, though, is the distinct feeling that they’re never coming back. They’re tired of this stuff.

    But I must update my arrival guess for Cambridge Bay. There’s a big wind coming in tomorrow afternoon, which is expected to be brief. So, Wednesday would be the earliest arrival date.

    There’s another wrinkle: Their water supply, according to the most recent post, is contaminated. They say they will need to stop along the shore when they see a creek. But I have their track: They have not stopped since before this was noticed. And they’re crossing open water at the moment. All of this might add a bit more delay, not that it matters too much at this stage.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • yawner

    Strange, they don’t say anything about cutting the journey short. If you just came upon their site today for the first time you’d think the journey was a success – why are they hiding the fact that they failed? Are they just bummed? Waiting to get all their stories straight in Cambridge Bay? I don’t like how this is ending….

    As an aside, my favourite part of the facebook/twitter/blog posts was how many times they (or someone on their PR team) misspelled Arctic … just very revealing…