The Wrong Reaction

Upon discovery of a problem in conduct, a transparent administration should move to fix the problem. This does not have to be public; some issues are sensitive and should be fixed quietly. The Obama administration takes a different approach. […]

Procecuting Blogs

(Over at Citizen Tom’s, he and I have been engaged in a discussion related to his “Speaking Truth to Power” posts, including the follow up. One aspect of the discussion in that follow up is worth pointing out separately, I think. I wrote, in part:) There is, as we’ve discussed before, a distinction between the “public personae” of political figures, which have generally been quite overtly religious, and their private philosophies which are sometimes less so. This is not always different; Ronald Reagan, for example, was quite devout both privately and publicly. But for years — centuries, really — it was necessary to be publicly religious in order to be seen to be fit as a leader in the US. You would not be criticized for being Christian here. The newer sort of evangelical faith was accepted by both political sides; our first evangelical president so far as I can recall was Jimmy Carter (for whom Pat Robertson campaigned). […]