Karen Kraushaar, Registered Republican

Incidentally, Karen Kraushaar of Germantown, Maryland, the famous “Registered Republican” touted in the news during the Cain fiasco, and the woman I’m talking about in the previous post, has made only one political contribution in her life according to the site below.  You will not be surprised to learn that it was to the Democrat National Committee:

Contributions to Political Committees


01/11/2009     250.00     29933510912

Total Contributions:    250.00

Try it yourself here:

Maryland is adjacent to Washington DC, and is where a tremendous amount of government offices are. When I was training people in the US Social Security Administration, it was in this area. Germantown is considered part of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, and is 25 miles from DC.

Now, perhaps there is another person who styles herself Karen (no middle initial) Kraushaar who happens to live in the Washington area who is the Democrat above, and the Karen (no middle initial) Kraushaar of the Clinton administration, the Obama administration, and the attack on Herman Cain really IS a Republican who lives in the same place and who has never made any contributions in her life.  It is possible, but very unlikely indeed.

The Democrat support revelation is unsurprising to me. You can be a “registered Republican” and vote for (and contribute) to a different party. Sometimes it is useful, politically, to do so.  I have actually supported a local Democrat for office as the best choice (though I’d point out that Kraushaar’s support was to the national Democrat party, not something I would do).

When you see Kraushaar touted as a “Registered Republican” by reporters who know how to check, you know you’re dealing with a partisan spin.

When you see the “Progressives Too” by reporters who know how to check (the BOLO list is published) you know you’re dealing with partisan spin.

But sadly, such is journalism these days.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle