Arming Enemies

On Steve Goddard’s RealScience site, he links an article describing (in 1989) our supplying of arms to jihadists in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union:

U.S. Is Reported to Send Arms To Revive Afghan Rebels’ Drive
By ROBERT PEAR, Special to The New York Times
Published: July 17, 1989

American officials said today that the United States was sending new mine-clearing equipment, missiles, mortars, artillery shells and other weapons to the Afghan guerrillas in the hope that they could regain momentum in fighting Afghan Government troops.

Steve Goddard leads into this with the line,  “In 1989, the US sent weaponry to an al Qaeda rebel named Osama bin Laden.” I responded:

This wasn’t quite as bad as you’re thinking, it seems to me. (Though doing it now is inexcusable!) By the time of the article above, we’d been doing this for a decade, and Usama bin Ladin had only just formed al Qaida as an evolution of MAK. Perhaps no one in the US had yet heard the phrase, outside of a very few in intelligence circles (still reeling from the Church Committee cuts to their ranks).

The difference here is that these people were not already  “al Qaida, the force behind the attacks on the embassies, the Cole, 9/11, et cetera”. They were radical hotheads imported from various countries specifically to go after the Soviets (instead of our own direct involvement), and that strategy worked. It also produced a surprising level of cooperation across the Middle East, a Carter success that he squandered very shortly thereafter in the Shah/revolution fiasco.

The mujahideen imported into Afghanistan did not like the US much, even then. Thus, these weapons typically were channeled through intermediaries. Usama bin Ladin (educated in an elite Saudi school by Muslim Brotherhood leader’s brother Muhammad Qutb) famously would not touch anything he thought was supplied directly by the US. We did not see what was going to happen in the future. (Sort of ironically, bin Ladin’s people were running mosques in New York City which were important resources for him for years. But these were not US government resources, they were fellow Muslim Brotherhood jihadists and thus acceptable.)

Now, we are supplying weapons to jihadists after all of these attacks upon us. Many of the rebels involved (and this was true of Libya as well) got fighting experience attempting to kill US soldiers in Iraq, and slaughtering Iraqi citizens.If someone complains that we should have seen this coming in the 1980s, what can they say about supplying these same jihadists in 2013?

Now we know exactly what we’re getting into. And we’re doing it anyway.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Plus, as the ICE union leader has noted, border agents have been specifically told to stand down and reduce their protection of the US.

    You’d almost think that the agents had offered to defend an ambassador…

    It seems clear that the unfettered push of guns into Mexico by the US government was done in anticipation that Americans would be killed, and that this could be used to attack gun dealers and owners in the US. But I don’t think that they anticipated that the weapons would be traced back specifically to this program.

    The material that would show that Obama and Holder did NOT plan or approve this has been withheld, due to “executive privilege.” That’s fine — but the implication is that it shows the opposite.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Gail Combs

    Yes, I agree. No one has bothered to connect the dots with Fast and Furious.

    2000 guns, including automatic weapons were put into the hands of the drug cartel that is savaging Mexico. What no one mentions is the connection between the drug cartel and Hezbollah Terrorists.

    Hezbollah Terrorists On Our Southern Border

    By Ray Walser, Ph.D.
    [QUOTE]…Although U.S. officials cannot confirm reports of the arrest Jamel Nasr recently in Tijuana, they should acknowledge that the reports are consistent with increasing concern that Hezbollah is seeking an operational base in the Americas. Nasr was no ordinary tourist or would-be immigrant. He is a made member of the Lebanese-based terror group, Hezbollah….

    Last month, Paraguayan police arrested Moussa Ali Hamdan, a naturalized U.S. citizen. He had been sought by the U.S. since last November, when he was indicted for involvement in bogus passports, counterfeiting, and selling fake merchandise to finance Hezbollah operations.

    South and Central America hold definite attractions for the terror crowd. For starters, there’s money. Profits from the region’s lucrative drug trade help fuel many international terrorists. Hezbollah craves a share of the action….

    Mean while DHS refuses to build the border wall although a law was passed several years ago. DHS has reduced the number of border guards on the Mexican border. The state National Guard units of the border states have been called up and sent overseas. And last but not least the exact locations of volunteer militia watching the border and reporting to DHS when there is a crossing is given to the corrupt Mexican government. See CheifIO comment for full details:

    Can some one please tell me WHY we need DHS, WHY we need to be frisked to get on an Airplane, WHY we have to have our internet and phone security invaded?