Karen Kraushaar, Registered Republican

Incidentally, Karen Kraushaar of Germantown, Maryland, the famous “Registered Republican” touted in the news during the Cain fiasco, and the woman I’m talking about in the previous post, has made only one political contribution in her life according to the site below. You will not be surprised to learn that it was to the Democrat National Committee: […]

IRS Progressively Worse

The IRS scandal was dropped last week by progressive media, but is now getting some “legs” by virtue of the allegation that the IRS targeted “progressive” groups too. The problem is that this is false. And there is an absolutely bizarre coincidence that links the government source of the Democrats’ position today, the media-darling attacker that took Herman Cain’s candidacy down, and the official government defender of the Clinton administration taking Elian Gonzalez from his Miami family at gunpoint to force him back to Cuba. They’re all the same woman. […]

Climate of Dishonesty

The NY Times is evidently dishonest about its dishonesty. Yesterday, they published an article on President Obama’s climate speech, wherein he tackles the “problem” considered least important by making the #1 problem — jobs — worse. Obama’s speech was summarized as follows: […]

Beauty, courtesy of Pink Floyd

I am not a Pink Floyd fan per se, though I’m familiar with and have enjoyed some of their pieces. But this is a thing of beauty, in my opinion: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 as interpreted by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmore. The video can be seen (and heard!) below, but the lyrics of the sonnet and some background are available at the link. You’re probably familiar with the words: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate… […]


IN SPACE, no one can hear you’re green. It’s a pity. Caesar turned slowly, arms outstretched to catch the sun. In the middle distance, I could see Hamlet doing the same thing. A moment later, Fortinbras began to turn. Yes, they’re all named for dead people — they’re all shades. […]

Arming Enemies

On Steve Goddard’s RealScience site, he links an article describing (in 1989) our supplying of arms to jihadists in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union:

U.S. Is Reported to Send Arms To Revive Afghan Rebels’ Drive By ROBERT PEAR, Special to The New York Times Published: July 17, 1989

American officials said today that the United […]

Purge and Pushback

The Obama administration has pushed its intelligence agencies into purging their training materials of “anything that might be offensive to anyone, particularly anyone of Islamic faith” (a quote from the purge order). So what, exactly, would that amount to? Apparently, any reference to Islam at all in connection with terrorists. Even calling jihadists “terrorists is” offensive to them. […]

Undercover Operations

The IRS’s pursuit of spying equipment, revealed by the Drudge Report three days ago, has been canceled for now:

The IRS issued the cancellation on Wednesday at 11:49 a.m.

CNSNews.com published an initial story about the IRS’s purchase order on Monday afternoon–and that story was linked on The Drudge Report.

As CNSNews.com reported, the IRS […]

Machiavellian Miasma

It is interesting to me that the current situation of “scandal overload” works, perversely, in Obama’s favor. Plame Speaking A decade ago, the Valerie Plame Scandal (that should never have been) was maintained in laser focus by the media and the Left. Other things occurred, and there was a constant nipping at the heels of the Bush administration in a variety of areas, but the central theme was Bush and Cheney under attack by Wilson and Plame and the media. […]

The Jihadist Purge

I mentioned a purge of material relating to jihadism yesterday, undertaken by the US defense and intelligence agencies in response to complaints from terrorist-linked organizations. Here’s a link “showcasing that purge” — just a tiny portion of it, in this instance from the FBI Training Directory little niche of the US Intelligence apparatus. This is 600+ pages documenting that the offending material was removed. What was the offending material? “… any material that may be offensive to anyone, particularly someone of the Islamic faith…” […]