White Smoke and Missiles

Last week was eventful:

The Catholics have a new Pope, who was under attack by the news media even before he was announced. A friend was watching this coverage in another room while I was working, and he asked “Why do you think they’re negative about the Pope? They seem neutral.”

I asked him how old the Pope was.

“I think he’s 76. Why?”

“Play back the last three minutes or so, and see if they remind you how old he is.”

They’d mentioned his age six times in three minutes of coverage, working it between how out of touch the Catholic church is, how many sex scandals there were, and anything else bad they could toss in.

They did NOT say, “the Church has so many sexual perverts, it’s almost as bad as a US teachers union” … but this might have been a fair comparison.  The difference is that the Church is purging these bad people from its ranks, and the unions work very hard to protect them.  At one point that might have been reversed, of course, but in 2013 that’s how it is.

Another event, happening on the same day as the announcement of Pope Frances I: Climategate III.

This one is different from the previous two. There are more than 220,000 emails, and they have been handed to a very small number of individuals to release, after removing personal information such as phone numbers and domestic issues.  The previous rounds, of about 1,000 and about 5,000 emails, had already been groomed. This batch is too large, and the single individual involved could not handle it.

A drawback from this is that the few other people don’t have perfect memories, and many of the ones now being released are part of the 6,000 or so that had caught the attention of people previously.  As before, the emails show catastrophist scientists conspiring to keep skeptical scientists out of the peer-reviewed journals, while complaining that their own work is “crap.”

There aren’t likely to be any big bombshells here that would make the news. The fact that catastrophist scientists are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and break laws for what they call “the Cause” (though for some of them, it’s just money) is well known, and the leftist media just doesn’t care about it.  Early on, some true believers were shaken, as this post from Megan McArdle shows from 2009. But they’ve mostly recovered.

At least the hopes of catastrophists — that this will prove to be a “well funded team of international hackers” — can be put to bed. It was one person, driven by conscience, and acting as a whistleblower. We knew that, and all the puffery about “sophisticated techniques” was as false as the temperature data.  Well, even more so: The temperature data has some basis in reality at least.

To their credit, more and more scientists are changing their minds, even prior to Climategate III.

Another “hockey stick ” proving that “We’re Screwed” has been taken apart.

The Atlantic touted it, and still has no “update.”  Michael Mann bought into it, of course, because it “proves him right.”

But this new iconic 11,000-year hockey stick was very quickly was revealed to have been created by shifting the dates of the data, in some cases by thousands of years.  And dropping data that created “an inconvenient truth.”

In other words, standard Catastrophist Climate Science, which has become something of a farce.  (Amusingly, the real data seems to point the other way.)

Also last week: CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

There is a “battle royal” shaping up between Constitutional conservatives and the Republican “royalty” — the establishment types who seem most focused on keeping their jobs and power, not keeping their country alive and prosperous.  The royalists include such folks as most current Republican leaders (Boehner, McConnell, Canter) as well as very influential “power brokers” such as Karl Rove.  Rove has spent hundreds of millions of donor dollars attacking conservatives and promoting royalist Republicans in their place — and losing elections as a result.

CPAC included speeches calling out the royalists, and Rove took occasion to respond to this by declaring war on the Tea Party.  I think that this will prove to be bad for him, but the battle in general is bad for the county, as are the actions of the Royalists.  The Democrats are bad enough, but their leaders exact a discipline keeping them aligned to an agenda that many of them (good people) privately despise.

Interestingly, the one Democrat speaker at CPAC was one whose message I largely agree with.  What I call the Royalists, Caddell refers to as “CLEC–the consultant, lobbyist, and establishment complex.”

And we Hageled with Russia on missiles, again

Last week, new leftist Secretary of State Chuck Hagel (amazing and sad to see him in such a position!) very publicly announced that we would be ramping up our missile defense system in response to North Korea’s silly provocation.

But Friday, quietly, he caved into Russia’s objections.  No defense will be added.  Russia demonstrates its power over the administration — now that Obama can famously be more “flexible” for them — and Korea can boast of a victory of sorts.