International Cash Flows

A couple of items caught my attention, all in the vein of money flowing on the global scale: the Palestinian Stash, the Cypriot Cash, and the Brockovich Caper. […]

White Smoke and Missiles

Last week was eventful:

The Catholics have a new Pope, who was under attack by the news media even before he was announced. A friend was watching this coverage in another room while I was working, and he asked “Why do you think they’re negative about the Pope? They seem neutral.”

I asked him how […]


Interesting. Googling “Guccifer” shows all sorts of hits … but not the emails themselves.

This is the same fellow that published GW Bush’s amateur paintings. But the Benghazi material promises to be more interesting, I think.

They will be published. “The Smoking Gun” published a tidbit of one. We shall see.

On another note, I […]

Disinformation: Giving Ammunition to Conspiracists

I see that Marmoe has reported on my “disinformation.” He points out, correctly, that a website gets a number wrong on the amount of ammunition purchased on one document. Yes, someone misread a number (rather foolishly) and overestimated the ammunition requisitioned by that particular solicitation. But I had not mentioned that document, and did not rely upon it. […]