Red Pawn

We — the Western world’s businesses and governments — have been under attack for years by the Chinese communist regime. A decade ago, the code name “Titan Rain” was little known, but other code names such as “Byzantine Candor” and “Moonlight Maze” went back years before, for Chinese government attacks on the Pentagon dating to at least March of 1998. Russia was involved too, and only Russia was talked about in this 1998 Newsweek article — but the Chinese attacks dwarfed the Russian ones. […]

In the schoolyard

Several background stories on guns and law enforcement have contributed to flavor one new item on a target practice company, giving the story more buzz than it might otherwise have gotten. The background stories are: 1. The recent holding of practice “realistic urban drills” in by US military forces in American cities. This was defended as “only taking place on defunct military bases” with a link to this site. But the news at that site says otherwise, about a drill held around “the old jail” in Galveston, Texas. Could someone have been confused thinking “the old jail” mean “abandoned military base”? In any event, other drills match the same pattern of taking place in civilian populations. The same link mentions an apology for concerns raised during a drill in Houston. And there is this video news report of a drill in Miami. That news report shows the indoctrination of the media in the recent gun rights restriction push: Instead of “military helicopters,” the reporter called them “military-style helicopters.” He also described (and showed a video of) the choppers “firing blanks” at the roads below, “pinging off the nearby hi-rises.” […]