Two Threats

I see two major threats to Western civilization looming large:

Jihadists, perhaps more formally called “Salafists”:

  • believe that the current decadence of the West will cause them to burn
  • are opposed to the excesses of Western civilization
  • focus their antipathy on the United States
  • want to end the US as a constitutional republic
  • want to replace the government of the US (and all other countries) with a global system
  • draw much of their moral support from “developing” countries and Western elitists
  • are willing to see millions die for their cause
  • are willing to kill specific individuals for attacking their cause
  • seek all of this for the good of the people

Catastrophists, perhaps more formally called “climate change alarmists”:

There are, of course, millions of people who practice these faiths in moderate ways — westernized/gentle Muslims and reasonable environmentalists who do not seek these goals, and who would convince rather than coerce.  But the other sort, the extremists who make them look bad, are in positions of power and leadership and get a great deal of favorable press and world attention. Most of the rest sort of go along, as this is what they have learned to believe.  The few who “leave the fold” are treated harshly, especially if they talk about what their co-religionists are doing.

The jihadists make no secret of their plans. If anything, they are the more honest of the two groups.  They say that their actions are based on the Qur’an, the Sunnah and al Hadith, and the words they ascribe to these documents are actually there.

The catastrophists: Not so much. They claim that urgent action is required because of current and impending catastrophes, and repeatedly make false claims in an attempt to bolster their case. They justify illegal and unethical actions “for the good of the people,” of course, but the community studiously ignores bad (even criminal) behavior in their midst. Both jihadists and catastrophists tend to be protected or gently treated in Western media treatments, despite the obvious story value in reporting their outrageous statements and actions.

In Egypt, newly (not “christened,” obviously.  “Islamized”?) as a jihadist-ruled country, a media report noted that one of President Morsi’s advisors just suggested that Israel will disappear within ten years and that the Jews should move to Egypt to make room in Israel for Palestinians … and that the Muslim Brotherhood distanced themselves from these remarks.  Not stated: The part that the Ikhwan distanced themselves from is Jews coming to Egypt, noting instead that they “must be punished for their sins.”

(The spokesman, Essam al Aryan, has an interesting name considering the Muslim Brotherhood’s alliance with the Nazis.  Early in the jihadist takeover in Egypt, al Aryan was on NPR speaking in rather softer terms.)

On the catastrophist side, they don’t seem to tire of pronouncing every weather event an unprecedented catastrophe, despite weather events ranging from ordinary to surprisingly tame (2012 was the lowest number of tornado watches on record, for example).  So they have to fudge the records, tweaking temperatures and wildfire statistics and so on, to make things seem “worse than we thought.”  Every unusual event has a sinister global warming explanation — and if that is not true, they bury the correction.

I will post a number of links to such hijinks, harvesting and thinning links posted elsewhere and adding a bit of commentary. These will be here for WordPress users) or here for LiveJournal users.

Jihadists and catastrophists have found common cause, and have allied to oppose their common enemy — who is represented in their minds by the free-enterprise-powered, Constitutionally-guided United States.

Sometimes this linking of interests takes odd forms, such as Usama bin Ladin warning about climate change … or Al Gore cutting a deal (not yet finalized, apparently) to have al Jazeera as Current TV’s new owners.

These two are the threats to watch — and both are preached in US universities, as part of the various “social justice” and “environmental justice” courses.  And yet, I am optimistic, as there is a basic foundation and a nobility to people that I think will prevail, once they get better information than what they’ve been given.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • NotOutToLunch

    A lot of cherry picking of facts to demonstrate your connection between environmentalists and islamic terrorists. The same could be done with Republicans and Nazis and that would, just as obviously, be absurd too.