Algerian Hostage Crisis

This isn’t being talked about much.  When it first occurred (Wednesday), the crisis was described as Islamists having “failed” in their attempt to commandeer two buses, and that some twenty people were held hostage including some Americans.

That should have gotten some action from President Obama and emergency task groups formed.  Perhaps it did, though he was seen golfing that day. But the situation is graver — and larger — than first talked about.

Hostage hotspot

Now we learn that the Algerian military waited a day, then took matters into their own hands.  They were described as “negotiating” an end to the crisis, though the reports of surviving hostages show that these negotiations including bombing runs.

Now the number of hostages went up to 650 — and more than a hundred have been freed, with Americans involved at all three levels: dead, among the escaped survivors, and still held in the compound.

Perhaps the fact that these hostages are involved in the fossil fuel industry tempers Obama’s enthusiasm for rescuing them.  The plant in the Algerian Sahara desert is a natural gas facility, and reportedly (as well as by his own statements) “Obama doesn’t like fossil fuel people.”

The other factor is that the attackers are part of al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood, the folks behind the revolutions giving control of Middle Eastern countries to jihadists.

So we have American workers held hostage by jihadists, and far from leading the charge, the US is evidently not even in the loop.

More Americans will die today in that situation. Isn’t it time to get involved?

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle