Another Terri Schiavo?

Biltrix and Catholibertarian brought the case of Gary Harvey to my attention in this post. Mr. Harvey was injured in 2006, and the state (Pennsylvania in this case) has taken guardianship of him and has been striving to terminate his life.

Years ago, I read the (and posted about, with lots of comments and references) entire court transcripts of the original Schiavo case and reviewed several videos that were not part of the news media.  I came to the conclusion that she was profoundly impaired but not a vegetable (i.e., “in a persistent vegetative state”) under the legal definition. The court’s action was wrong, in my opinion, and was compromised by the judge’s financial relationship to one of the parties.

Terri Schiavo had injuries at the time of the 1990 incident consistent with foul play, and not with a simple “misadventure of low potassium count” and other theories advanced for her case, as I wrote here.

An amusing aside: She was described by one of the appointed examiners as having suffered a potassium loss from drinking too much iced tea.  I drink more iced tea than anyone on the planet, so far as I know — it regularly amounts to 48 8-oz. glasses per day. I am not yet “a vegetable,” but it has only been about fifteen years so far of this habit.  (Prior to this, I drank similar amounts of carbonated colas and such.)

The news suppression of certain video clips and statements in the Schiavo affair was rather like what they would do later with George Zimmerman to give the case the desired “slant.”

The Gary Harvey’s case I have little information on; I see that the court records were sealed by the judge as the case gained visibility.  It doesn’t look good, but seems inconclusive to me so far.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Carrie_K_Hutchens

    Sara was not caught feeding Gary Jello. It appears to be an unfounded accusation. For this accusation to be true — Gary had to have swallowed the Jello, because it was no where to be found. So either he swallowed it, which they say is impossible, or it didn’t happen.

  • and your right about one thing Diane, they never put the swallow evaluation in the record until after the fact. And that evualtion was a farce also. They did this evaluation in the hallway where people and other residents moaning, yelling, screaming in which it distracted Gary and he was agiated and yes he had no privacy during this evaluation while they use a metal spoon. How tasteful and professional don’t you think?

  • Diane Dowell I was not caught feeding him anything. There was never a swallow evaluation done until September, 2006. They saw toothpaste or shaving cream and assumed it was jell-o and besides that if it were true and proven where did the jell-o go if they claim he cannot swallow? Why was I not charged with something then? Nothing was proven, all myths, half truths, gossip, speculation and lies that the court accepted……..but yet in their hands he has had countless episodes of aspiration pneumonia and he did swallow a mouth guard when I asked them not to put it in his mouth and he was very agitated for at least a day until I returned for my visit the next day. My husband was sweating profusely, red faced and extremely uncomfortable. I had to ask the staff to look in his mouth and of course the nurse loudly said he can’t swallow. Guess what??? he had to go to the ER to have it removed…does anyone know what it feels like to have a mouth guard, (yes what the professional athletics’ use) imbedded in the back of your throat for24 hours? Your choking, fear, and what did staff at the hospital do that morning? They feed his veins with morphine instead of accessing the cause of discomfort. On top of that some of the staff did not know he even had a mouth guard.

    This is all proven by the NYSDOH investigation report and the judge ignored those facts of evidence. What happens to me??? I lose my visits 95% of the timewhen I report abuse, and neglect. This is our right! Just like when I took a picture of a bed sore and reported it to the proper authorities my visits were immediately stopped for approximately 8 weeks…what do you call that? And what did the county do? What did the hospital do? Anyone who enters a hospital or nursing
    clearly sees this pattern.

  • Another amusing fact is one of the reasons they took Gary away from Sara was because she fed him Jello when he wasn’t supposed to have anything by mouth (but from what I could gather, that was not put in his medical records until after she was caught feeding him jello). They said she was medically negligent. Iced tea and Jello, what a deadly combination.

  • ElaineRenoire

    There’s a real chance for Mr. Harvey. His court-appointed guardian, Chemung County Department of Social Services, has stated on the record and in public that they don’t want to be Gary Harvey’s guardian, but have no choice since there is no one else. Well, now there is someone else, and it’s Bobby Schindler! Please pray for Gary Harvey!

  • My husband is from NEW YORK and is surrounded by the appearance of impropriety. The law firm Davidson & O’Mara (as in Senator O’Mara) attorneys represent the catholic hospital my husband resides, the county, my opinion and the unlawful designation and policing of my husband via me for over 6 years APS(Adult protective services) the appointed guardian DSS(department of social services) and the doctors. Who is making sure my husbands rights are not trampled on and his wishes are what he would want?

  • Teresamerica

    You are right. It doesn’t look good. Thanks for the link.