Sunday Verse 3

This is the third in a series of Sunday posts related to the Food for Thought award from Citizen Tom:

The Bible’s New Testament includes the same story of Jesus told by multiple authors, Matthew, Mark and Luke. These are called the “synoptic Gospels” where “synoptic” means “same view” (usually rendered as “seen together). […]

Extreme Weather Reporting

Sandy damaged the Northeast, but was not “unprecedented” Sandy was a very damaging storm, with widespread winds and rain afflicting a large area seemingly unprepared to deal with it. It was modest from a historical standpoint: there have been many larger hurricanes that have hit the US east coast and New England specifically, with larger storm surges, greater rain, more damage, many times more lives lost. The 1994 “Great Atlantic Hurricane” was a Category 3 at landfall (Sandy was barely a 1) and its impact was described this way (regarding the Jersey Shore): […]