Zawahiri, the Gentle Theologian

I am astounded at this article.  This is part of the cover-up for Barack Obama, but it may just have exposed another idiot. The new story (evidently from the brilliant Director of National Intelligence James Clapper) is that Zawahiri’s dictate on September 10th (that jihadists attack the US in Libya September 11) had nothing to do with jihadists’ attack on the US in Libya on September 11:

The analysts seem confident that al-Qaida’s new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, played no direct role in the Benghazi events, even though he called on Sept. 10 for revenge attacks against the U.S. “He’s not a manager, he’s not a planner, he’s not an operator. He’s a theologian, and that doesn’t have much resonance now. He’s almost irrelevant, he’s so concerned about his security, so hunkered down,” said the senior official.

“He’s a theologian” they said.  I feel compelled to inform this fool that Ayman Zawahiri, who has been the operational commander and chief strategist of al Qaida for the past decade, has been considered by intelligence agencies around the world (including our own) as being one of the most dangerous men on the planet. He’s been described as “the real brains of al Qaida” and merged his own force, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, with al Qaida a decade and a half ago.

He has run countless operations, before and since merging these two Muslim Brotherhood franchises, and he’s been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents. Irrelevant?  I will wager that this same fool (probably Clapper, who stated that the Muslim Brotherhood was “secular”) has just demonstrated his irrelevance.

And Ayman al Zawahiri has got to be laughing aloud at the demonstrated foolishness of the intelligence in the United States, assuming that term is applicable.

It is sad. There are many good, dedicated men and women who risk much to be part of our intelligence community, which consists of more than thirty different agencies.  They deserve better than to have a politically compliant idiot placed in charge of them.

This same Clapper, when Republicans complained about politically useful-to-Obama information was leaked to the press early this year (which cost people their lives and cost us intelligence), launched a Very Serious Investigation to find the leaker.  And, of course, no one talks about it any more, because there was evidently no one to find.

It is just as well that President Obama attends very few sensitive briefings. The premature disclosures after the strike that took out bin Ladin last year were similarly ham-fisted. But this “he’s only a theologian” description of Zawahiri has got to have our allies as well as our enemies around the world wondering if the leadership of the US can be a stupid as is appears.

The Monday debate on foreign policy will be interesting.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle