Quick Debate Round 2 observations

It was an interesting admission on Obama’s part that now, thirty-five days later, he still doesn’t know what actually happened in Libya.  But he’s going to find out, he promises! Fast and Furious came up at the end, which I was happy to see as Obama scandals get little mainstream airtime.

The 47% is irritating — and does not mean at all what Leftists think. Let me put my thoughts together on that — for the rest of Romney’s private speech is actually quite good.

Romney was sloppy in differentiating the Obama-voter 47% who, in general, consider themselves victims. Many consider themselves victims of evil rich people and corporations, and want someone in office to punish them. Many of these folks vote for Obama for that reason, to fundamentally transform America into a place where rich people get their just desserts (which would, in the minds of Leftists, be prison time or poverty — until they become rich, and then at least the money is in the correct hands).

And, there are about 47% of households who do not pay net positive income tax, or none at all.  The numbers are similar, but they are not all the same people, as has been endlessly pointed out while missing the point of the difference.

Romney has not helped, by simply adopting the attitude that he misspoke. I suppose that’s inevitable, as insulting a portion of the American people would always make him a media focus, regardless of how accurate the observation is.

But on the issue of taxes — Romney should have pointed out that he pays a far high tax dollar amount, AND tax percentage, than almost all  Americans, and certainly more than the single-digit percentage paid by the bus driver Obama mentioned.  Perhaps Obama is mathematically challenged, or more likely has a happy talking point and is untroubled by truth. But Romney should have caught this.

Another complete misfire, and uncorrected, came up in the context of gas prices. Obama is either ignorant or speaking falsely — and he has demonstrated a propensity for both.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle