PBS Fraudline documentary on skeptics of catastrophism

From this article: PBS had to go out of their way in “Climate of Doubt” to create the impression that skeptics of global warming catastrophists are “unscientific.”  One of the ways they accomplished this was to show a signature card for a skeptical petition, and imply that only nutcases and non-scientists had signed it.

But the two signature card images available online were those of Dr. Edward Teller and Dr. Freemon Dyson, two very famous and highly regarded scientists.  So they used Teller’s signature card, blurred out his name and omitted mentioning it.

Here’s the original image:
Original image
But when Frontline displayed it, they showed this:
Altered signature
The “X” is perfectly legible, the name is not. For the presence of Dr. Teller on this list, (as well as that of a good friend of mine, now deceased, who literally wrote the textbook on high-resolution radar), would get in the way of the narrative of painting us as uneducated, dishonest rubes.

Many other inaccuracies, biases and distortions were featured, some of which are discussed here.

They don’t even mention the dishonesty of core climate characters, but make a point of suggesting that skeptical scientists are dishonest.  They had to work hard at this, and had to lie, mislead and distort in order to do so.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle