Zawahiri Supporting Obama

I am intrigued. It’s a bit like when Usama bin Ladin showed up for the 2004 presidential election, spouting the Democrats’ talking points.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, long second-in-command and now the official head of al Qaida, had put out a video on September 10, 2012. He advised jihadists (which he assumes all Muslims are) to attack […]

Black Monday Revisted

Today, October 19th, is the anniversary of Black Monday, the day a quarter-century ago when the stock market fell 22% in a single day. For my Lady and I, quite active in the markets, it was an exciting time — we had been short from the previous Wednesday and did well indeed that day. But there were grave concerns: […]

Benghazi breakdown

The Forvm has a lengthy and detailed breakdown of the Benghazi attack and the various bits of misinformation involved, collecting a lot of links and excerpts in one thread. And a comedic remark made by Mitt Romney at the Alfred E. Smith dinner appears not to be true. On a roll, the Republican pointed out that both candidates have people they rely heavily on. “I have my beautiful wife, Ann, he’s got Bill Clinton.” According to this article, Bill Clinton may not be such a good friend at the moment. He is allegedly putting together a legal team to defend Hillary Clinton against Obama’s attempts to blame her for Ambassador Stevens’ death and the Benghazi false stories. […]

The Benghazi Lie

I’ve now gone through three hours of the four-plus hours of available videos of the hearings on the Benghazi consulate attacks. The New York Times attempted a defense of Obama based on them. They asserted that he had nothing to do with security or other activities at our foreign missions. This is true enough, though denied by Obama himself, who claimed to be personally involved with Libyan decisions (except, evidently, those that turned out bad) — but remember that this same newspaper held Bush personally responsible for the six idiots with their drunken spree at Abu Gharaib. The NYT next came up with this story: […]

Debatable performance

Planned Parenthood was mentioned during the debate last night five times, as noted by Biltrix here in his discussion of Planned Parenthood’s role in the debate. In the VP debate, it got “almost mentioned” only once, by Joe Biden, as was caught by Citizen Tom in his nice analysis of the VP debate here and skipped over by media transcripts. But I think that the Obama-abortion issue here is even beyond the current pro-life/pro-abortion divide, in two ways: […]

Quick Debate Round 2 observations

It was an interesting admission on Obama’s part that now, thirty-five days later, he still doesn’t know what actually happened in Libya. But he’s going to find out, he promises! Fast and Furious came up at the end, which I was happy to see as Obama scandals get little mainstream airtime.

The 47% is irritating […]

Lovelock “a black sheep”

The far-left Soros propaganda group “Media Matters” worked to discredit Professor James Lovelock earlier this year when he turned away from catastrophism. All of a sudden, he “was never really one of them” — and Media Matters trots out links to a series of articles attempting to prove that he was considered a crackpot even back when he was making his catastrophic predictions. […]

Biden Brazenly Repeats Iraq Lie

Biden told many lies, and made many exaggerations last night. One of them — a big and obvious lie — is being ignored by fact-checks on ABC News and Associated Press. And yet it was a known lie caught during his debate with Sarah Palin four years ago. Ryan should have been prepared for this — as both Obama and Biden have a propensity to repeat the same information no matter how false it is. Biden, during the debate: […]

The Benghazi Attack

We’ve learned a great deal about the attacks on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya during which the US ambassador was killed along with three other Americans. Not much of this appears on the news anymore, but there are many troubling aspects: […]

If you thought the weather was getting worse…

Yes, there is an “inconvenient” part of this drumbeat of doom: The data doesn’t support it.

On the WattsUpWithThat website, Anthony Watts writes about a breathless article in USA Today, from a report put out by a company owned in part by Obama’s corporate maven Warren Buffett. Buffet’s involvement made the news in 2010, when […]