Islam’s Other Handicap

Teresa Rice at Catholibertarian wrote an interesting post about desecration of religious items. I won’t steal her pig, so to speak, but I will show an image that she found on the Internet:

The image of the Qur’an defiled by bacon would indeed be horrific to Muslims, and an incitement to violence for jihadists which make up too large a percentage of them.

This is unfortunate for them in both cases, because it is exactly what has caused the Islamic world to lose their technological head start half a millennium ago and to fall, now, so far behind.

When the Gutenberg movable type press was developed, it spread rapidly to many countries. But not the Middle East — because the press was cleaned and prepped with a pig’s-bristle brush, and Muslims (“Musselmen” at the time) could not bear the thought of a pig product actually touching the written name of Allah.  And everything contained this name; it traditionally opened all written documents and Allah was constantly honored in their writings.

So, no printing press. Hundreds of years went by. The first use of a movable-type printing press in the Middle East, so far as I know, was when Napoleon brought one with him to Cairo when he conquered it, in order to quickly produce propaganda flyers.

That three-hundred-year handicap still haunts the region.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • KT

    Muslims sure are a primitive bunch. Thank you for the linkage and mention.