Debatable performance

Planned Parenthood was mentioned during the debate last night five times, as noted by Biltrix here in his discussion of Planned Parenthood’s role in the debate.  In the VP debate, it got “almost mentioned” only once, by Joe Biden, as was caught by Citizen Tom in his nice analysis of the VP debate here and skipped over by media transcripts. But I think that the Obama-abortion issue here is even beyond the current pro-life/pro-abortion divide, in two ways:

  • Even people who think that contraceptives are permissible don’t necessarily feel that their beliefs should be forced upon others by government mandate.  The Obama administration’s position is to the left of perhaps 60-70% of people.
  • And even people who feel that morning-after pills and early abortions are acceptable would still be troubled by Obama’s arguing that children born accidentally (after an attempt at killing them in a partial-birth abortion) should be left to die. (At one point, this argument extended to children that had simply not yet been taken home from the hospital.)  Obama’s position is to the left of more than 90% of Americans.

Romney did not point this out.  I wrote about the Senate transcripts of Obama’s position on “pre-viable fetuses” four years ago, contrasting his position with that of everyone else here. Obama’s position would appall almost all voters on both sides.  This is one of the many times when FactCheck got it wrong, by the way: Obama’s position was clear independent of the legislation being discussed, and FactCheck uses technical wording to get around this, relying on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act signed by Bush.  But they at least note the sleaziness of Obama’s campaign even then.

Romney was not well-prepared to deal with the issues raised in the debate, though he certainly should have been by now. Reading and understanding leftist talking points should be second-nature for anyone serious about leading this country in a better direction, and this is especially true of a candidate who is required to debate the issues with millions watching and our future at stake.

Romney can’t just know the right positions — he must know and instantly respond to how and why Obama is wrong on these issues. He was only barely adequate (I hope) at this last night — and wasted time repeating talking points that had already been expressed.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle