ABC: Obama clearly lost (Obama team tacitly agrees)

Independent of the debate itself, what was intriguing to me was the ABC coverage afterward piling on Obama. They showed a poll on-screen (a “very unscientific” poll) showing a substantial margin of folks agreeing that Romney won the debate.

The Romney fellow agreed. The Obama team member (Jenn Saki), would not suggest that Obama won, and admitted that “we expect the polls to tighten” (they strongly believe that Obama is ahead in the polls, though there is some question about this).

The Democrat from the “Google hangout” commented that people were wondering “why didn’t the president show up?”

There were several references to the demeanor of the candidates: Romney aggressive, smiling, and directly addressing Obama. Obama in turn was downcast, grimacing, and looking down at notes on his podium. More than one person pointed out his defensiveness, and that he avoided looking Romney in the eye. (One of the ABC pundits noted that he would have to remember to be careful about that personally.)

They repeated just now that the president looked “tired” and “defensive” and Romney looked “comfortable.” And this was ABC, which has gone massively out of its way to protect Obama. Very surprising. And the ABC pundit Dan (of Amy and Dan) commented that “you’ll be able to point back to tonight as the moment that turned the tide, if Romney wins.”

Oh, and one amusing bit just popped up on the ABC screen, as nearly as I can remember it: “Supporters are left to wonder just whether Joe Biden may be the intellectual heavyweight on the ticket.”

And the “all leftist except Ben Stein, who varies” panel on Larry King summed it up: “I think Romney won, as much as it pains me to admit.”

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle