Sunday Verse 2: Root of Evil

As noted last Sunday, I’ve been given the “Food for Thought Award” (nominated by Citizen Tom) — and it has some obligations. Among them are these writings, on seven Biblical verses that have been significant or inspirational to me. This is the second. There are nominations involved as well, and a few sprang immediately to mind. My old friend the extraordinary SeraphimSigrist would be an ideal candidate, for one — his thoughtful writings reflect his beneficent doings in his travels far and wide spreading his faith. I always learn something interesting from him. […]

Global Warming Causes Flooding

In this case, a flood of EPA legislation. The Obama administration plans a glut of new EPA rules implemented by fiat, since some of them have already failed to become law in Congress, and the rest are so bad that they’ve never even been voted upon or in many cases even offered. […]

PBS Fraudline documentary on skeptics of catastrophism

From this article: PBS had to go out of their way in “Climate of Doubt” to create the impression that skeptics of global warming catastrophists are “unscientific.” One of the ways they accomplished this was to show a signature card for a skeptical petition, and imply that only nutcases and non-scientists had signed it. But the two signature card images available online were those of Dr. Edward Teller and Dr. Freemon Dyson, two very famous and highly regarded scientists. So they used Teller’s signature card, blurred out his name and omitted mentioning it. Here’s the original image: […]

Islam’s Other Handicap

Teresa Rice at Catholibertarian wrote an interesting post about desecration of religious items. I won’t steal her pig, so to speak, but I will show an image that she found on the Internet: […]

Livejournal commenting

Most of the commenting action — nearly 60,000 comments so far — take place on my LiveJournal site, as that’s where most of the readers are. You’re always welcome to comment there or here, but a larger number of readers will see (and respond to) comments there. I have always allowed anonymous comments there; the only reason I don’t do that on is the infestation of blog-focused spambots. […]

The Future of Torture

A thoughtful post from a friend of a friend has me thinking about the issue of torture. Is it permissable? Is it moral? Is it right? Not quite the same questions, and I wrote a sort of a rambling reply to her about a framework for considering this unpleasant topic: […]

Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike

My Lady and I enjoyed it.  There was a certain discontinuity from the actors being different. Hank Reardon is very reminiscent of Ed Harris here, huskier of voice but in the range that Harris can do. Dagny’s pretty-boy brother is well-portrayed, as is Dagny herself.  And I think this Francisco d’Anconia is a significant improvement […]

Sunday Verse 1

In this instance, it isn’t my own verse involved. My humble online digs were just nominated for a “Food for Thought Award” by Citizen Tom. I recognize that this is a small thing, this award, but I am nonetheless flattered and accept in the spirit that it was given. And I am more than a […]

Zawahiri, the Gentle Theologian

I am astounded at this article. This is part of the cover-up for Barack Obama, but it may just have exposed another idiot. The new story (evidently from the brilliant Director of National Intelligence James Clapper) is that Zawahiri’s dictate on September 10th (that jihadists attack the US in Libya September 11) had nothing to do with jihadists’ attack on the US in Libya on September 11: […]

Global Warming: Theories and Hypotheses

It’s been suggested that a “theory” is supported by evidence, and a “hypothesis” is just an idea that hasn’t been tested yet. These are sort of in the right direction, but miss the mark. And this has implications for discussions about catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, or CAGW.

A more strict definition: A hypothesis comes about […]