Death of an Ambassador

I am saddened by this, as I am with the death of any of us who fall in the line of duty.  Unlike our military, those who serve the State Department don’t actually expect to be shot at — and such occasions are extraordinary circumstances.

I sadly expect that the death of Stevens will not be the last such. I can take some pride in the fact that the arrival of only seven of our people on the scene was enough to cause the attackers to flee — but of course that arrival was far too late. They had to fly in.

When President Obama vowed “make no mistake, justice will be done,” I was forced to instantly rank this among his least likely campaign promises. The killers are among their friends by the thousands. So there is no high-profile target to go after.

Usama bin Ladin could be taken out (leaving the evidently more dangerous Dr. Zaraqari) and we could say “justice was done.” But we also burned bridges doing this — abandoning those who helped the US, and teaching the leasson that the current US government cannot be trusted. So we are training would-be informants not to bother.

There will be little justice here.  And nearly three-dozen other embassies are under attack as I write.

We will probably bury the news with the next political gaffe or crowing of success from the current administration, but this problem is large and getting worse.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle