Obama and Past Presidents

(I considered titling this “Isn’t Barack Obama Wonderful!”) I was researching, in an off moment from a project I’m working on, details about past ambassadors. I’ve used WhiteHouse.gov for a long time, looking back at prior administrations and speeches and executive orders and such. It was a useful storehouse of past ideas and news.

President […]

The Future of Free Speech

At the Muslim Day Parade in NYC last weekend, jihadists were once again demanding (in speeches attended by city leaders and state senators) that free speech be outlawed:


California Prop 37: GMOs

California has a proposition on the ballot that hopes to affect food costs for the entire country. Proposition 37 would require new labeling for certain foods that involve genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. […]

Lew Cypher

At the same time as the “yet another IPCC integrity issue” surfaced, I’d been watching an interesting sort of train wreck of an attempt to smear those who disagree with the catastrophist position. A Stephan Lewandowsky of the University of Western Australia created an online survey to find out if climate catastrophe skeptics (“deniers” as […]

IPCC versus Evidence

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN entity at the core of climate catastrophism) is apparently playing semantic games (and worse) to avoid uncomfortable omissions. Roger Pielke Jr. corresponded with them, noting errors like this one: […]

“It felt like she was saying…”

There’s an odd phenomenon with one story that is gaining prominence … and I am jammed with projects and don’t have the time to resolve it at the moment. In a recent Arizona court case, an off-duty law enforcement officer was convicted of groping a woman at a bar, when both were very inebriated. He was arrested at the scene, and eventually placed by the court on two-plus years probation, treatment, and community service. The judge’s remarks are the source of controversy: She allegedly said this: […]

Death of an Ambassador

I am saddened by this, as I am with the death of any of us who fall in the line of duty. Unlike our military, those who serve the State Department don’t actually expect to be shot at — and such occasions are extraordinary circumstances.

I sadly expect that the death of Stevens will not […]

The Antithesis of an Antitheist Atheist

The term “atheist” has been poisoned, somewhat, by the large crop of “anti-theists” who are tremendously hostile to religion. (Interestingly, they tend to be hostile to Christianity while being considerably less concerned about Islam.)


The Death of Music

Or at least, the death of the music industry is fort0ld in this article. While the author perhaps overstates the case in some respects, the concerns certainly seem valid to me. And it doesn’t take the usual angle of “the kids’ music is terrible” — he comes at this from a different direction.

A good […]

Unemployment Down … Up … Different

The unemployment numbers are sent to my cellphone when released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Lat week, the early morning after President Obama’s DNC speech, I received the news: The nominal unemployment percentage had “edged down” to 8.1% from 8.3%. How was this accomplished? Some 96,000 new jobs were added.

Ah, but the previous […]