Traveling to Bekrley

The odd spelling is intentional. I will be in the area of this odd, very left-wing California town for a few days, and thought I’d post a link to this picture tour from a few days ago by a rather well-known photographer of the Left.

It’s an interesting place. And the odd spelling in the title? Take a look at this city sewer manhole cover:

The Sewers of Bekrley

Mentioned in that photo tour, by the way, is a group called QUIT (for Queers United Against Terrorism). They are a furiously anti-Israel, anti-US group who are also against gay marriage. (They want to “destroy heteronormative behavior, not emulate it.” That part is downplayed … their primary business is to sell chicken spew hatred, so no one protests against them.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle