Texas A&M shooter?

The fellow, identified as Thomas “Tres” Caffall, seems to have shot and killed the constable attempting to serve an eviction notice. He shot others as well (one more died) — and we will hear a lot about him now, because he can actually be associated with the US conservative movement.

UNCONFIRMED: He was married in 2007 to a young lady that seems to be quite a good photographer, and with her pink hair and certain photos does not fit the typical conservative mold. But she has a picture of herself opposing the Westboro Baptist left-wing church, and holding up a sign that says “God Loves Ft. Hood” — I don’t know her politics per se.

Tres appears to have been a NASCAR fan (in 2006) and is somehow connected to the Tea Party. That will be enough to paint the Tea Party as violent. But his life was … “complex” as Bruce Wayne once said. This appeared moments ago from “a friend of a friend” of Caffall’s:

Just got off the phone with my buddy. Here are the facts that I have

He and the shooter were childhood friends, but they had not spoken in 6 or so years, only facebook and email.

The shooters Father was a closet homosexual who died in the late 1980s of AIDS, the family tried to cover it up and call it leukemia

The shooter was molested sometime in junior highschool by some older boys

The shooter was described by my friend as brilliant but troubled. He enrolled in a college program while still in highschool that would have allowed him to graduate early from college but was kicked out

The shooter did eventually recieve a degree from somewhere, my buddy thinks Texas Tech

The shooter worked for awhile as a teacher for Bryan ISD but had some issues and was reported for innapropriate comments to other staff. At the time of the shooting he was no longer employed with BISD

At some point he attempted or did enlist in the Marine Corps but did not get in or finish boot camp.

These are the cold hard facts I have on him straight from a guy that knows him.

I did not edit the above, which is from here.

And his FaceBook (which is probably about to disappear) has a list of interests that (if this is the same fellow) does very much tie him to the conservative movement:

Thomas Caffall’s interests (captured 8/13/2012 from here)

The media will have a field day with this, adding to the already horrific tragedy of this creep’s shooting of police and bystanders.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle