Tea Party and Neo-Nazi Movements

One commenter suggested that these attributes categorize neoNazis in Germany today:

a) extreme patriotism, my country above all others
b) want for military strength of the country
c) appreciation of military structure
d) white (insert country)
e) foreigners should leave
f) illegals should be kicked out
g) beggars are at fault for their fate and should go elsewhere
h) White heritage

You’ll get a YESSSSS for all of the above from any good Neo-Nazi. That’s their primary motivation over here. And they self-identify as “right”, not as the “true left”.

My response:NeoNazis are often mixed up with “skinheads,” a left-wing movement that has fragmented into a number of groups.

As to your points, which are the sorts of things that foolish and misled people tend to attribute to the Tea Party in the US, thanks to media indoctrination/propaganda efforts:

a) I wonder what qualifies as “extreme” patriotism in your eyes. My own, for example?

b) Do you know anyone who has a “want for military weakness” of their own country?

c) I respect the military and the service of its members. The structure itself? I don’t know that it’s even a topic of discussion among any Tea Party or conservative people I’m aware of. Do people in your country talk about this a lot, that would rank it third in your list of attributes?

d) I’m not sure about this one.  The Tea Party has a large percentage of “people of color” as the phrase goes — similar to the population as a whole.  Of course, blacks who evince sympathy with Tea Party folks are attacked by the racist left in this country. An example is Joseph Phillips, the author and actor (a regular on the “Bill Cosby Show” and on many other shows subsequently).  I was with him at a black bookstore when he was doing a book signing and little talk about his first book, called <i>He Talk like a White Boy<i>.  The questioners, mostly black, were appalled, asking “Weren’t your parents Democrats? Where did you go wrong?” and “Are your parents ashamed of you?” and “Don’t you feel guilty being a Republican?”

e) On the contrary, the Tea Party folks generally feel that “foreigners” should become Americans.

f) Yes — we should more closely emulate countries in Europe, and Mexico for that matter, in our handling of illegal entry. An illegal immigrant into Mexico has a hard time ahead if caught. It was amusing to see Mexico complaining to the US about Mexicans returning to their country because of our bad economy — they were overrunning the Mexican border towns and causing problems. They demanded that we do something about it.

g) I suppose it depends on what you mean by “beggars” though the “go elsewhere” I think you added on for effect. I’ve never heard of anyone suggesting that beggars should go elsewhere just for being beggars. (If they are also illegal immigrants, that’s a different issue.) The Tea Party would like to see government get out of the charity business, and let charities actually do this work. They are far more efficient; government tends to siphon off most of the money to take care of the ones they consider the most needy: government employees.

h) White heritage, hmm?  I have never seen or heard any conservative suggest that black contributions to American history should be written out of history books. People from Frederick Douglass to George Washington Carver to Martin Luther King Jr. are celebrated … not because they’re black, but because of their contribution to America.  It happens, of course, that there were very few blacks among the Founding Fathers, but people like Glenn Beck are pushing to point up their roles and show that they had an important place in our country’s beginnings.  I’ve heard foolish people assert that Glenn Beck is a racist; it surprised me at first, then amazed me after I looked into the assertion in detail.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle