Capitalism versus cronyism

There is one place where the Tea Party and the “occupy” movement are often said to overlap, and that is in their attitude toward Wall Street. The result is not the same, however. Tea Party members, in general, don’t like folks gaming the system — and buying government favoritism. For example, Wall Street and executives are top-tier contributors to the Obama campaign, and this was especially true in 2008. As much as Obama hypes his class-warfare rhetoric, even now openly using the term, the big players on Wall Street know that this is for show. The rules (and now, executive orders) will favor them, as did the supposed “crackdown” on Wall Street of 2009/2010. […]

Texas A&M shooter?

The fellow, identified as Thomas “Tres” Caffall, seems to have shot and killed the constable attempting to serve an eviction notice. He shot others as well (one more died) — and we will hear a lot about him now, because he can actually be associated with the US conservative movement.

UNCONFIRMED: He was married in […]

The Cats Trying to Kill Curiosity

I was delighted, as were millions, by the successful touchdown of the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars. It was a monumental achievement, of equipment working right (thanks to tremendous engineering and science) despite nearly a year’s exposure to extraordinary conditions and extremes in rapid succession. But as Sam Rayburn (48th, 50th, and 52nd Speaker of the House) notes, “Any jackass can kick down a barn. It takes a real carpenter to build one.” We’ve seen NASA in the role of “real carpenters” here. Who’s the “jackass”? […]

Tea Party versus “occupy” movement

A friend commented: “There is, in my opinion, little or no difference between modern-day Communists and Capitalists – Romney and Obama. The “Occupy Wall Street” and “The Teaparty Movement” were both correct, simply viewed from different perspectives.” The notion that the Tea Party and the “occupy” movement are both “correct” is surprising to me. […]

Nazis Left in America

I keep bumping into references to the German National Socialists (Nazis) as “right wing.” They didn’t think they were — Hitler considered himself above such things, and jeered at his fellow Soviet socialists as his brand of socialism was inherently superior. To prove this, he killed them when he could, made deals with them when […]

The Long Story: Huey Long and Socialism

I mentioned Huey Long a few days ago in the post about Sinclair Lewis’s book It Can’t Happen Here. Huey Long was corrupt, anti-capitalist, socialist … and very popular indeed, as he proposed to take money from the 1% and give it to the 99%. (At the time, he was using 95% as the popular number.) […]

It Can’t Happen Here

In 1935, America (and much of the rest of the world) was mired in the Great Depression. At this time, Mussolini was relatively new in his position, Hitler was on the rise, and the two were not yet aligned. A young John F. Kennedy, having just returned from spending time as Mussolini’s guest, was quite impressed by Fascism. Kennedy wrote a paper noting the superiority of the system in several respects, most particularly in building up military capability for the war he thought was likely to happen against Hitler. Later, Kennedy lost his enthusiasm for fascism. […]

Romney Outsourcing Jobs

On the issue of outsourcing (the flap of a couple of weeks ago), I was discussing this with a good friend and his comment was, I thought, dead on. Regardless of the extent to which Bain Capital did “outsourcing,” and whether Romney was involved or not, the issue should be clear: When Romney ran Bain, […]

Traveling to Bekrley

The odd spelling is intentional. I will be in the area of this odd, very left-wing California town for a few days, and thought I’d post a link to this picture tour from a few days ago by a rather well-known photographer of the Left.

It’s an interesting place. And the odd spelling in the […]

Mars the Record of Nuclear Power

Tonight — 10:31 Pacific Time Sunday, or 1:31 AM Eastern on Monday — the Curiosity rover will hopefully touch down safely on the surface of Mars. The events actually take place about 14 minutes in advance, but we cannot know the results until the radio communications get from Mars to Earth. The vehicle is big. While the two famous rovers Opportunity and Spirit were roughly grocery-cart sized, this one is more like an automobile. It has tremendously greater science capability — and it is too big, and needs too much power, to operate from solar panels. So it does not: Curiosity is nuclear-powered. […]