Nazis Left in America

I keep bumping into references to the German National Socialists (Nazis) as “right wing.” They didn’t think they were — Hitler considered himself above such things, and jeered at his fellow Soviet socialists as his brand of socialism was inherently superior. To prove this, he killed them when he could, made deals with them when he could not. Be he could not convince them that the Nazi approach was better than that of its close Soviet communist cousin.

From an outsider’s perspective, there was vanishingly little difference between the German NSDAP and the Soviet Communists:

  • The NSDAP was ultimately racist, just like the Communists. Who killed more people because they were in unfavored ethnic groups? An unpleasant contest.
  • The NSDAP was anti-big business, anti-capitalist, anti-Jew just like the Communists. Both groups were based on labor rising up to replace capitalism — NSDAP is, of course, the National Socialist German Workers Party.
  • Yes, they hated and killed each other for their differences in implementation of communism, which they saw as gigantic.  But these big-government Leftist systems had the same goals: implementing a world-wide totalitarian regime with the right people — them — in charge.

I’ve heard many say that since the Nazis hated and fought against the Soviets, they can’t both be leftists.  That’s like saying that since the Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics hated and killed each other, they can’t both be Christian. Or that since Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Ladin kept up a public hostility (from time to time) they couldn’t both be Muslims.

Because the elite in Europe (like the elite in the United States) tends to favor communism, they are greatly motivated to distance the now-unpopular Nazis from their own leanings. Communist parties are quite active and accepted in Europe, in India … and in the United States. Sometimes, they operate under veneers of more respectable names — for a while, the Democratic Socialist Party (spun off from Chicago communists) was called simply the “New Party”: That was the name they had when Barack Obama was a member, though the New Party web material is still carried under the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America website.

The left right issue can be a game played by academics and journalists to express their disapproval of something — if the populace doesn’t like it, call it “right wing” to discredit conservatives.  Just as the apparent “skinhead” in Wisconsin who killed the Sihks was immediately called a “right winger” on blogs.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle